Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 Anniversary

Once again, an anniversary of a terrible day for America, the Global War on Terror continues unabated and I wonder how much of a difference it was to finally kill bin laden.  Don't get me wrong, I was joyous, joining most of America in celebrating the event.


Now that I work in a skyscraper, in fact the tallest one in the region, the thought of a similar attack sometimes impingeS on my regular workaday thoughts.

It seems, things were simpler before 9/11 doesn't it?


SonjaM said...

Life was indeed simpler before, and this deed impacted the whole world.

RichardM said...

Yes, much simpler. Before that time terrorism was something that we heard about on the news happening somewhere else.

len@RE-GLAZE-IT said...

An emotional day ..... Which will be remembered throughout the the times where living a skyscraper job would make me nervous .

Sad sad day

Kindest regards