Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still here, in between rain storms

Hi Folks, got an email from a fellow moto-blogger concerned about myself and my family as Colorado is in the news both nationally and internationally with the ongoing rains and floods.

The situation is of course tragic and at times desperate for a lot of folks living to the North and North West of the Denver Metro Area.  Local governments are overwhelmed due to the magnitude of the water levels and rescue efforts continue in spite of blocked roads and in many cases, roads which have had sections washed out and are now impassable.  Creeks, with usually meandering water if any water at all, have become roaring rivers choked with debris and flooding ranches and farms deep into the Front Range.

There are many reports of missing persons, the Governor has called out National Guard units and their equipment to help rescue/move flooded out folks, and communities have mobilized to shelter and aid the folks displaced.  Quite the year we're having in Colorado, first massive forest fires, now history-making floods.

The above is a good graphic of the water paths of the floods.  Both the rivers listed above are prone to flooding every year, usually one day events.  This flooding is a week long event, it's described by the news as a "once in a lifetime" event.

Martha, the boys and I are however, safe and presently in no danger of floods.  We're on slightly higher ground than most of our neighbors and they're doing OK as well.  Folks we know in the affected areas are also OK so far.

It's raining hard again as I type this, but things are expected to subside by this evening I believe.  This should help with tomorrow's Monday morning commute.  The route I take is a bit prone to large puddling of water but was passable during last week's big rain storms.

I am pleased to report, Valencia, my 2011 URAL Patrol Sidecar Rig, is as rainproof as I could ask or wish for.  We rode through downpours recently which I believe are classified as "toad stranglers" in Texas!

This morning, in between rain storms, I rode out to check out local conditions.  I found, as expected, small running streams where normally one only sees sandy creek beds.  I saw standing pools of water in farmers' fields, evidence of the completely saturation of the ground by water.  There was very some water accumulation on this eastern end of Arapahoe County but flood warnings announced for the western portion.

 Local County Roads

What you see in the above pictures are the trailing edges of the storms which pelted the Denver Metro Area overnight.  More of the same could be seen, dark and ominous, to the south and south west of us.  That would be the patch currently wetting us down as I type.

So, what started as a short posting to say we're OK, has wandered off into something longer than expected. Here's hoping the big rains leave us soon, I believe we've had more than enough for this month.

Update: Here's a link to a fellow Uralista's pics and links to videos shot from helicopter of the Longmont flooding areas:  LINK


SonjaM said...

Glad, you're unaffected by the flooding. In the news there were dramatic pictures and talks of several dead or missing.

We have had this magnitude of flooding last spring in Eastern Germany and people are still working on the recovery of their homes and belongings.

Trobairitz said...

Seems it is always feast or famine. Or in this case dry with forest fires or soaking wet and flooding. Where is the happy medium?

Glad you and your family are okay. Was thinking you were safe in the Denver metro area.

RichardM said...

I was wondering how you were doing with the torrential rain and wondering how the Ural was enjoying the water.

GlennandSun said...

Very glad you are safe and not flooded. We have been wondering about Valencia's resistance to water since your Alaska challenges.

The coil was defective, I presume? No troubles since changing the coil in Alaska?

So sorry to see the destruction of the floods and the pain and sorrow they create. Stay safe out there on the super slab. GlennandSun

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for your concern SonjaM, the damage is pretty bad, the state is going to be recovering and repairing for a long time.

Troubairitz, all is well here with us, turns out the parts of the western side of metro area got some flooding as well, not real bad but ....

RichardM, the URAL did great in the water. I have now dug out all my rain gear, so of course, no more rain.

GlennandSun, turned out to be the control unit had issues with the heat, they sent a new one along with a new coil which I swapped in as well. Valencia now cares not if it rains or not. She cares not if its hot out as well. I think I am good to go in terms of the powerarc ignition system. I did invert the coil to prevent the plugs from acting as rain collectors btw, I think it helped a lot in the last few rain rides.

len@RE-GLAZE-IT said...

Glad to read your ok, stay safe
From whats been on the news it looks awful .

Nature just letting us know who is boss.