Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Uraling back to Colorado - Day 63: Ontario, OR to Montpelier, ID

I left Ontario, Oregon and the Motel 6 shortly before 7:00 AM and made it over to Boise by 8:00 AM.  I couldn't locate the URAL dealership at first so instead decided to get breakfast at a local restaurant.

While in the restaurant, reviewed Google Maps again and realized my error.  After breakfast, the shop was open and I found it right where Google said it was.  It's a small building, easy to miss if you don't know what to look for.

I wandered in and fortunately the guy I started talking to was the owner!  Fred Wiley is his name and when he found out I was a URAL rider enroute to Colorado, and that I was asking to borrow a torque wrench and a spot to do an oil change, he said: "No problem!"

He showed me a nice dry spot on a concrete pad in the back of the shop, handed me an oil pan and a torque wrench, and left me to my maintenance chores.

I rechecked the torque on the head bolts, all were fine.  I changed out the oil in the engine and was happy to not find any large metal shavings, just a few "sparkle sized" grains of metal in the oil filter which I tore apart.

After I cleaned up, I asked Fred for a picture and thanked him for a great first experience at his dealership.

Fred Wiley, the owner of Big Twin Cycle Center and 
new URAL dealership for the Boise, ID area.

So, if you're interested in a URAL sidecar rig or a BMW motorcycle, and live near Boise....go check out the offerings Fred has.  The day I was there, he had a blue/white and forest fog pair of rigs.

Maintenance done, I headed back onto the I-84 slab.  Eventually I reached Bliss and turned off to check out the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway which had been recommended to me by a friend of the family.  The byway proved dissapointing in that the "thousand springs" have dissapeared along with the water for them, there's barely a dozen or so springs where there were apparently a thousand.  I guess someone forgot to pay the water bill?  :)

The byway took time to do and proved just a tour of farms and cattle ranches.  I eventually reached the other end of it at the city of Twin Falls.  It was hot, it was full of cars, and I wanted nothing but to get back to the I-84 slab and keep going east!  I even crossed over the Perrine Ridge bridge without taking a single picture.....sigh.

Here's my route for today, all slab riding as I get closer and closer to home.

Roughly 374 miles of riding today, man it was hot.  I hear its even hotter in the Denver Metro area!  I had to take more breaks than usual due to the heat making me sleepy.  Valencia did great today as well, I am taking it easy on the "almost completely rebuilt engine", keeping speeds between 55-60 mph (indicated) which translates to 50-55 mph actual.

About 524 miles and lots of more slab riding separate me from my loving wife and sons.  It'll be a long day of riding tomorrow but I believe tomorrow night I'll sleep in my own bed, with a bit of luck.


GlennandSun said...

So good to have followed you for the past two months, Dom, now you're almost back home.....please Ride Safe, you have given us all a great adventure. Thanks for sharing of a ride of a lifetime! We'll truly miss your daily posts. GlennandSun

RichardM said...

The end of the adventure is at hand. Be careful tomorrow. You're almost home (I hear it's the most dangerous day). Hope you survive the heat!

Canajun said...

Sounds like the folks at Big Twin are great people. I can't imagine too many other dealers offering up tools and a spot to do an oil change on their property.
Ride safe today.

Trobairitz said...

As you get closer and closer to home you'll be wanting to push Valencia harder and faster to get there. I am sure you will restrain yourself though.

Hope you get to sleep in your own bed tonight and get to give your family a big hug.

Unknown said...


Don't try to push the "home stretch". It would be a long day but at least you are familiar with the roads so I would imagine you are just going to ride until you get there, no matter how late it gets. If it is hot then just take a longer dinner break and rest

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

Welcome home! and the end of an adventure…

When's the next trip?

redlegsrides said...

GlennandSun, you two are quite welcome, thanks for your comments during the trip, they helped a lot.

RichardM, I'd heard that as well, the last day of the trip being the most dangerous as one gets less watchful in familiar surroundings, thanks for the reminder.

Trobairitz, Valencia seemed to want to leap ahead at times, had to throttle her back! :)

Bobskoot, I made good time, it was damn hot in the metro area....but it's all good.