Monday, June 17, 2013

Aussie Saddlebags for my Russian Steed

Today is Ride to Work Day!  Did you ride?

I rode, even though I am unemployed at present.  I rode to Down Under Saddle Supply to remedy a lack that I'd experienced during my recent ride to Alaska and back.

You see, I used a tailbag, to store and have ready access to gloves, maps, straps and such while riding.  The one I used worked OK but I wanted something better.

A bit of online research and I found these saddlebags in nearby Aurora, CO:

 I originally had picked out the brown colored version but the sales guy talked
me out of it as most of Valencia's trim is black.

 Left bag: gloves, spares, straps
Right bag: rain coat and pants
Top Bag: Jacket liners.
(and yes, the Kolpin gas can still fits when mounted
to left side of sidecar's left quarter)

Handy access to water bottles, which came with the saddlebag

Two forward straps allowed me to secure the bag to the frame of the tug.  No straps are left hanging loose, to be caught by the spokes of the rear wheel.  The straps have quick release buckles so I can release the saddlebags at night and take them into the hotel or tent as applicable.

The straps on top can be used to strap down other items, a waterproof bag perhaps.

The 2013 CZAR (Colorado Zidecar Adventure Rider) Rally is this coming weekend, in the Gunnison area.  It'll be a good test of the new saddlebags.  I might look into suitably sized plastic storage containers to make the bags retain their form when empty, but that's later on.


RichardM said...

The bags look pretty good though old ammo cases seems to fit the Ural image. After all, image is everything for a Ural pilot ;-)

Canajun said...

Those are nice looking bags.

redlegsrides said...

Yeah, I'd been heading down the ammo can route but....they add their own weight to the gross weight....

redlegsrides said...

thanks Canajun...they fit the budget...and no welding/bending of steel involved....

BMW HACKER said...

I like the setup....the bags look a little small for me though...(?)
I'm in Lakewood Co. tonight....meetings tomorrow at the Fed. Center...back to MT tomorrow night or early Wed. AM. Hope to meet up some day.....
Doug S.

redlegsrides said...

Doug S.

Send me contact info: domchang AT yahooDOTcom, could possibly meet up since you're in town. You bring the Beemer hack?

redlegsrides said...

Doug S. pls post a comment here when you've sent the contact info to the yahoo acct.

Trobairitz said...

Looks good. I'd never heard of that brand before but it appears they will serve you well.

Good call on the black.

Bob and Sharon said...

Very good looking add on, this will really help to keep things in order and they look neet


Unknown said...


I'm thinking how lucky you are to have just come back from a big trip and now you are outfitting your Hack for another getaway.

I thought with a sidecar you would have enough storage, unless of course, you are bringing a monkey

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

Bob and Sharon, thanks, I think they'll work out just fine.

Bobskoot, the addition of a monkey changes the equation as you surmise.

SonjaM said...

And so I missed the ride-to-work day, too. While unemployed I seem to lose track of time. What weekday is it anyway and does it make a difference?

Love the bags!

Amanda said...

This is cool!

Reike said...

look great saddlebag