Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Movie Review: COBDR: Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route

This past Saturday evening, I joined several fellow Uralisti and a whole bunch of other riders, at the BMW of Denver dealership for a viewing of the DVD Movie: COBDR: Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route.  I'ts a companion video to a route map printed by Butler Maps specifically to guide other riders through riding the COBDR.

From the COBDR website:

The guys at Backcountry Discovery Routes have just released a trailer for their upcoming documentary about their expedition across the state of Colorado. Tom Myers and Paul Guillien of Touratech-USA have teamed up with Rob Watt, Bryce Stevens, Justin Bradshaw and Sterling Noren to create a 501c(4) non-profit organization dedicated to establishing and preserving off-pavement riding opportunities for dual-sport and adventure-touring motorcycles. One of the primary goals of the Backcountry Discovery Routes organization is to create routes that cross entire states using primarily unpaved roads across public lands and mountain ranges

I must say, this is quite an enjoyable and visually appealing movie, shot by riders for riders.  It does a great job of showing off the beauty of Colorado's scenic beauty, and I was very impressed with the editing and the considerable effort it must have taken to make this film.

Highly recommended if you're a dual-sport rider, wonder what riding backcountry roads in Colorado is like, or just enjoy taking the road less traveled once in a while.

Some photos from the COBDR website:

 On the road down from Corkscrew Pass
all pictures courtesy of touratech-usa

 Hurricane Pass

Beautiful shot of a valley road surrounded by mountains

The movie showed some passes I'd already ridden but also added some passes to the list I must now try to ride:  Ophir Pass, Hurricane Pass, Corkscrew Pass, and Cinammon Pass.  Some of the footage made some of the sections of road look quite hard to negotiate on two wheels.  But the premise of the COBDR is that most riders, on most dualsport motorcycles, should be able to do the entire route.  Where your "inner rider" says it's too challenging, the map produced by the folks of Butler Maps provide easier detours.

You can go to the website and download the route to import into your GPS device and they recommend they do that to use along with the Butler Map.  The download is free, so why not right?

They folks who did the film and photography really did a nice job, kudos!

If you want to see some of Colorado's beautiful riding scenery, this DVD is a strong recommendation.  The folks at Butler Maps are concentrating on the western states, as you'll see in the website.  Check them out.

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Unknown said...


Now I'm really getting worried about your damaged sidecar, but at least you are OKay

It's nice for you to have found some new roads to ride, and here I thought you knew them all

Riding the Wet Coast

redlegsrides said...

this review makes you worried about the damaged sidecar?

not to worry Bob, you'll see tomorrow.

redlegsrides said...

Oh, and by no means do I think I've ridden everything in Colorado....but I am working on it!

BeemerGirl said...

Excellent write up. Thank You! I just discovered Butler Maps the other day and like their offerings. Though when I will get to the "Western States" is totally in the air. :)

Unknown said...


here is the Butler's Maps guy:


you may have to log in to see it

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