Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fixing the damage on Valencia's Tub

A sidecar rig's tub, or the compartment the monkey rides in, is a major component of a sidecar rig as you can imagine.  Hell, it defines it.

Two weekends ago, Valencia's tub sustained some slight damage when it was hit by the nose portion of another sidecar rig.  No harm, no foul.  The Uralista in question, has gone out of his way to make good the damage.  He bought the dent repair tool set and let me use it first.  He took time from his work day to gather my rig's side cover, took it to an automotive paint supply place and got a quart made up along with accompanying hardener and thinner compounds.

So, here's a set of pictures detailing my puny yet satisfying efforts to make fix the damage:

1.  The damage, taken shortly after the accident at the junction of CO72 and Two Spruce Road:

2.  The damaged portion, after I'd finished hammering it back into shape....about 95% of the original anyways:

Lots of sanding with 150 Grit Sandblock later....

3.  Here's a view of the inside of the sidecar's trunk:

4.  Here's a photo of the first coat of paint.  (I was having some doubts at this point)

First coat of paint, applied with a small foam brush

5.  Several coats of paint later, mostly applied with a regular small paint brush, the kind used for painting pictures:

Painting is done, now for some sanding of the 
paint lumps and minimizing that paint edge line.

6.  Sunday, I sanded down the area, mostly with the 150 grit sandblock again, and the final sanding with 2000 grit sand paper.  It came out pretty good.  I then applied several coats of clear coat spray paint and left her to dry while I went riding on Brigitta.

7.  Here's the area, now with three coats of clearcoat paint and the black steel band touched up where some orange paint got applied by mistake.

8.  Well, that's it, this is a view of the tub from about five feet away:

As Martha says, it's a it a bit of character.

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