Friday, May 11, 2012

Yoshie is back online...

In my previous post I'd mentioned how I'd gotten Yoshie, my 2006 Suzuki V-Strom/Dauntless Sidecar Rig returned to me in less than optimal conditions.

I've since taken receipt of a brand new rear wheel for the V-Strom ($1023.00 cost to the insurance company) which seems high to me but since it's not my money.  The insurance rep had a "talk" with the service manager who assured him that he'd be taking actions to prevent such glaring screwups from happening again.  I've my doubts but since I can't really influence things, am moving on.

Once I got the new wheel (which the dealer mounted my summer car tire on) back on Yoshie, she rode much better without having the rear wheel wobbles!  Go figure.

Then I found the DOT4 Brake fluid level low on the clutch circuit, sigh.  Refilled and it seems I caught it in time before air was introduced into the system.

Spend the last two days getting her sidecar alignment back to correct toe-in (it was set up wrong by the dealer's techs).  They also somehow managed to mess up the wiring going to the sidecar.  Not sure why they even messed with that but there you go.  Finally got the lights working as they should and a couple of test rides later, I believe Yoshie is operational once more.

So, once again, I've a working sidecar rig for when the weather is bad or I need to carry cargo.  Valencia's replacement clutch parts are rumored inbound, perhaps arriving even today.  Still over a week to go though before I'll have access to a fellow Uralista's expertise on mounting said repair parts.


Alan P. LaRue said...

Reminds me of the saying "if you want the job done right, do it yourself".

Unknown said...


Super glad you have a Hack to use, finally. And not long from now you will also have a "spare". Too bad they had to mess with your wiring, probably had to unhook it and didn't make notes as to how it went back together.

I can see your smile from here

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ps: too bad you didn't get to meet "madeouttaglass", I followed his adventure from Seattle --> Home. For a moment I thought about buying one . . . and Redmond, WA is only a couple of hours south

RichardM said...

I would whole heartedly agree with Alan LaRue's comment. I have run into many similar examples of shoddy work by supposedly "certified" mechanics. And, unfortunately, it isn't unique to just this field.

I wouldn't have expected them to know how to align the sidecar. And the wiring wasn't in their manual so they probably had their lowest paid employee try and figure it out.

No excuse for the wheel.

redlegsrides said...

Alan, you are so right.

Bobskoot...the wiring shouldn't have been touched, as the tub was not replaced and I'd rigged quick disconnect plugs between the tug and the tub....

RichardM, yea, aligning a sidecar I would not expect either. The wiring and the wheel, inexcusable.

BeemerGirl said...

I'm in complete agreement with Alan. We encounter that so often too. It's wrong that incompetent are working in such important fields.

But glad that it is now squard away.


Chris said...

Glad you got it back to working 100%. Dealers can be such a pain.

I'm looking forward to seeing them both in action in person next month!

SonjaM said...

Being all thumbs when it comes to motorcycle maintenance and repair I need to trust the service mechanics at the dealership. It makes me nervous thinking they could do a below average job. My life depends on them knowing what's right.