Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ready for Surgery

A bit over two weeks now since I returned from the "In Between Jobs Ride" with Valencia, my 2011 Ural Patrol.  I had "smoked" the clutch attempting to reach the summit of Engineer Pass near Ouray, Colorado but she got me home.

Replacement clutch parts have arrived and I spent yesterday afternoon after work and this morning taking parts off the tug so we can remove the engine.  The plan is to remove the engine tomorrow, with the help of a couple of fellow Uralisti and the guidance of Craig H who's done the operation before.  We will be replacing all of the clutch plates.  The theory is that one or both of the below listed #1 parts got overheated and parts melted causing things to "stick" together.

Everything above is being replaced, for good measure.

In the process of dismantling, I examined the components involved and cleaned as I went.  No real major issues encountered, a stubborn nut here and there but nothing a little patience and force couldn't overcome.

One piece of good news, I was able to examine the thrust ball bearing which is part of the mechanism that pushes the clutch release rod into the clutch plate assembly.  I'd read on that this could lead to clutch failure and I had been a bit worried.  Mine turned out to be fine!  :)    Lucky for me that it was, apparently the list price for this special bearing plate from SKF is $99!

The thrust bearing is #4 above.
All of Valencia's components appear OK.

There is a guide on Bill Glaser's website that details the procedures not only to remove the engine from the frame, but to disassemble/assemble the clutch actuating mechanism, clutch assembly and removal/installation of the final drive and rear wheel to make room for things to be removed!  A must read/use website by any Ural owner:

Along the way as I took things off Valencia, I noticed a hole where there shouldn't be one in the small u-joint located next to the final drive, I cleaned it off and damn, I am missing a grease zerk:

Apparently, the newer Urals now sport a grease zerk in the driveline U-joints.
Mine apparently fell off somewhere in the last 5000 Km.

So this morning I rode over to the nearest NAPA dealer and the 6mm Grease Zerk fit just fine.  It's now mounted with red Loctite.  I'll have to watch this u-joint, who knows what crap got into it in the last 5000 Km.

In case you were wondering what the heck a zerk is...

So, the engine is ready to be dismounted tomorrow.  

 The "operating" area
We'll dismount the engine and work on it while
it sits on top of the small workbench

 The tool table, some of the components I removed are underneath
ready to be re-installed.

Valencia, ready to have her engine removed.

Hope the clutch assembly removal and installation of the new components goes well tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


RichardM said...

Looking forward to the results of the tear down. My one question so far is, why isn't this a warranty repair?

Unknown said...

Didn't you just get this bike Dom?.

redlegsrides said...

Richard, the repairs went well to your question....clutches are considered wear items, like brake pads. Besides, I broke it, I fix it.

Murph, yep, just got it but due to my actions, damaged the clutch components....

BeemerGirl said...

The only good thing about this is the fun in taking these things apart is getting to see the wear on the components and learning all the nooks and crannies of the bike. Which can be quite helpful in the future.

Glad it went well. Don't give away the plot though! I still have to read it! ;)