Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainy Ride

Just a short posting, went for a short 20 mile ride around the home neighborhoods.  Started off just as the rain was starting, that good old Colorado rain.  We've not seen much of it in the Denver Metro Area and so it is quite welcome even though its quite cold.

Rainy afternoon ride.

Played with the above pic using Google Photo's HDR effect tool.  Didn't come out too badly, don't you think?


Keith - Circle Blue said...

We could use some of that rain here. Hot and dry and hardly a cloud in the sky.

Alan P. LaRue said...

Yes, great photo!

RichardM said...

This is a tool on the Android phone? I think it looks pretty good.

redlegsrides said...

Circle's heading your way I think

Alan, glad you liked it.

RichardM, I uploaded the photo to google photos and used the tools that used to be's before google bought them

Unknown said...


the best photos are taken in the rain, or on overcast days as the light is filtered through the clouds.

You are welcome to have some of our rain too, anytime . . .

Riding the Wet Coast
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redlegsrides said...

Bob, I agree re the soft light of rainy/overcast days.

We'll take all the rain you can send our way.

SonjaM said...

Well, you're riding... that's all it counts.

BeemerGirl said...

Very interesting cloud formations. I like the contrast of the gray with orange.