Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday evening, I motored to the Fort Logan National Cemetery to pay my respects to the many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their family who rest there.

As do many others, I use this posting to remind folks that they have this long weekend to remember those who've given their all in the service of our country.

I first spent a few minutes at the grave site of SSGT Brian Joiner, the son of a friend of mine, who served with the US Air Force.

Flanked by Army Men, Brian is in good company.

His portion of the cemetery is all filled up now and the grass is fully grown in, it seems like yesterday that I first visited the site and it was just bare ground and tiny metal holders containing a piece of paper listing the names of the recently buried.

Brian's Section

I spent some time afterwards just riding through the extensive grounds, watching row upon row upon row of gravestones, lined up precisely as if in formation.  There were less than a half dozen cars with visitors in the cemetery while I was there.  Folks visiting their interred loved ones, probably there today to avoid the hopefully large crowds that will be there tomorrow, on Memorial Day Monday.  I too preferred the relative solitude of the evening; I'll pass on the speeches and crowds.

Sunset at Fort Logan National Cemetery

Martha and I thank our fellow Veterans, both those of years past, and those in the present, for your service to our country.  If you know a Veteran, take a minute to thank him or her....better yet, go to your local National Cemetery and be reminded of what Memorial Day means.....


RichardM said...

Thank you for posting the video and reminding us all what's behind Memorial Day.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I slipped over to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. I didn't take any photos. I save that for my yearly Veteran's Day visit. Still, I remembered.

Oz said...

Thanks for the video. Thanks to all our veterans and soldiers.

BeemerGirl said...

Dom, and thank you to you for your service as well.