Thursday, March 01, 2012

Yoshie will be fixed.

My insurance company did the appraisal today and the damage is NOT enough to warrant totaling Yoshie, my V-Strom Sidecar Rig.

The damage to the motorcycle itself turned out to be minor.

The sidecar is another story.  They're going to replace the sidecar's subframe mount, wheel and fender.  They're also going to replace the subframe mounts that attach to the motorcycle itself.  The only thing not being replaced is the tub and its wiring.

Here's the rub, due to work backlogs at DMC Sidecars, it's a projected 7-8 weeks before the replacement parts will be delivered to the Suzuki dealer for installation!

I am currently waiting on the stupid cow's insurance rep to answer my voicemail as to my request for a "loss of use" rental car from them; the next month after all is usually the snowiest month for the Denver Metro Area usually.

I'll be retrieving the old sidecar subframe/hardware as soon as the mechanic separates it from the motorcycle.  I am hoping to be able to sell it to another stromtrooper who is perhaps looking to "hack" his ride.  Of course, if it looks "bent" when I go pick it up, I will let the mechanic dispose of it as it will be unsellable and really, I wouldn't sell something that is any way unsafe.


SonjaM said...

The sidecar must have been a pretty sturdy construction, I am surprised that the V-Strom came out of it so relatively unscathed. Sorry to hear that the lead-time for the spares is so long.
I hope you're feeling better yourself, and whatever caused the throat soreness is gone.

Unknown said...


I hope you get your "loss of use" approved. 8 weeks is a long time, but with luck you will be ready by mid May so you should still have a whole season or riding ahead, it's just the short term "getting to work" problem to sort out

Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

Well, the DMC has proven itself as a pretty sturdy side car. Eight weeks for parts. Hopefully the other insurance will come through with a rental of some sort...

Too bad you're going to miss out on Spring trail riding.

Chris said...

8 weeks? what a bummer. That's a very ural time frame. hahaha.

I hope you get back on the road riding as soon as possible!

Oz said...

Sorry to hear the repair will take so long, but glad you are doing fine.

Martha said...

I am thinking I need to have you checked for a brain tumor because you are handling this really well! And by the way, t the word I am using to describe the distracted driver is NOT cow!

redlegsrides said...

Sonja, it truly proved to be rather robust....ironically, found myself wishing she'd hit me harder...caused more damage to the motorcycle....the throat is getting slowly better, thanks for asking.

Bobskoot, I still haven't heard back from fat cow's insurance rep...big surprise huh?

RichardM, Jay, the owner of DMC just hired two new guys so hopefully this will cut down on the backlog. I won't miss Spring Riding....there's still Brigitta.

Chris, yeah but when there's so much work and only so many resources....Jay is ding his best to supply I am sure. I hope Ural works out their supply issues soon.

Thanks Motoroz for your comment, yeah, it'll be a long time.

Dear Wifey: I know exactly what word you use to describe fat cow, but I'm trying to keep things rated G here.... :)

cpa3485 said...

I've been a bit slow in the blog world lately. Sorry to hear about the accident and glad you are okay. Things can usually be fixed. Bodies are not always the same way.
Here's hoping the repairs go fast and smooth.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Jim for your comments and wishes.