Saturday, March 10, 2012

Home Depot Orange

This morning was spent on a run to the local hardware store for some supplies and to get them to make me up a can of "touch up" paint for Valencia's orange coloring.  You see, the stuff that Ural packs along with the rig had dried up on the boat voyage to the US.

I took one of Valencia's side covers in, they put it on some machine and in a few minutes the paint machine had created what looked like a good match.  We'll see how it looks when the need arises for this paint.

As I geared up in the parking lot, where I had parked Valencia near the storage area for customer shopping carts, I realized how close Valencia's color was to the colors used by Home Depot for their carts!

Martha and I rode Valencia towards Northglenn to attend a good friend of ours daughter's Percussion Band Competition.  The ride was in beautifully sunny weather, nice breezes and moderate traffic as we were avoiding the slabs to get there.

We got near the school with time to spare for a lunch at a nearby Chinese Restaurant.  It was close to 2:00 PM at this point and we had the place to ourselves.  After lunch, I posed Valencia by a round glass window where she could admire her reflection on a large mirror located inside the building.

The Percussion Band Competition was held at the Northglenn High School's campus.  We sat on hard wooden benches and enjoyed the offerings of the various high school bands who were competing.  Eaglecrest High School, where Martha is a nurse, was the first outfit we saw and they played quite nicely.

 Eaglecrest High School Percussion Band


Band Dad: Eric

Martha and I watched several bands play and had a pretty enjoyable time overall.  I don't recall such competitions when I went through High School but the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We left close to 4:00 PM to avoid riding back after the sun had set, it cools down pretty quick here in Colorado when one loses the sun!  

The winds had picked up as we cleared the city limits and buffeted the rig from the South/South East.  It made  for some suboptimal riding performance on the part of Valencia, especially when it was headwinds.  Still, even being wind-tossed and feeling dropping temperatures, it was still good riding with my sweetie.

We stopped along Picadilly Road near Buckley Air Force Base and took this picture of an abandoned house alongside the road.  Why you ask?  I'll be using it on where a thread called "Hack Tag" is ongoing.  

The last posting was of an abandoned house, so you have to get a picture of your rig by another abandoned house, then if you're the first to do so, then you get to name the next "tag objective" by posting a picture of what the next tag subject will be.

It gets the forum members out and riding on their rigs and seems like a fun way to reintroduce myself to the Uralisti at SovietSteeds!

Great day of riding, bonus was having Martha along.  She likes how Valencia rides by the way, more than Yoshie even though Yoshie's engine would have made the ride less "slow".

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SonjaM said...

The orange in front of blue skies... what a spectacular colour choice. I am so looking forward to more colourful pics.

Good for Martha to check out the new rig.