Friday, March 09, 2012

Valencia's First Service

I picked up Valencia, my 2011 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig, with 39 Kilometers on the odometer less than one week ago.  Today she and I reached the 537 Kilometer mark and it was time to do her first maintenance service.

There's not much involved, change out the fluids, check fasteners for tightness, check the spokes for tightness as well and finally, the tightness of the steering head bearings.  This last task was one I'd not done before and so I sought out the 750 Engine Maintenance Video repository on SovietSteeds:  LINK

The task of checking the steering head bearings was demonstrated and it seemed easy enough:

Reality of doing this task proved not quite as easy as shown in the above video but it was quite doable in the end.  Just a little patience, and judicious application of a hammer's "persuasion"  I'd forgotten how many maintenance tasks on a Ural involve a hammer!

I am really impressed with the quality of the high strength steel fasteners now used by Ural on their rigs.  The use of nyloc nuts to keep said fasteners secure is also a plus.  Even the few slotted and crossed tip screws used on the motorcycle are of good quality steel and not the "pot metal" used on the older Urals.

The benefit of such nice fasteners?  Found only a few fasteners requiring a slight bit of tightening.  Nice!  

Oh, and the use of Allen head fasteners, glorious!

It may seem a bit weird to you, gentle reader, my seeming orgiastic enthusiasm; but fellow Ural owners understand completely.

Finally, the tool kit has vastly improved from the meager "pot metal" set of tools that came with Natasha, my '96 Ural Sportsman Sidecar Rig.  I had to "supplement" that set of tools with my own stuff!  Now, the tool that comes with new Urals comes in a very nice tool roll, the tools are made of DIN 895 High Grade Steel, in Italy and supposedly you can do about 95% of all repairs on the rig with just these tools:

Italian-made Ural Tool Kit
image source: LINK

Riding around the last few mornings though, have shown the need for heated grips, time to go shopping for some online.

Yep, easy first service, Valencia is running like a champ so far, it's a great first start with my Ural Rig!


RichardM said...

So you've added a hammer to the tool roll? ;-)

This looks like a good long term solution. Are you planning on selling the V-Strom once things get fixed?

Spat said...

That didn't take long.
Patience the next 1000 clicks will go by quickly and it's only going to run better and better.
I wish you many smiles and miles of fun before you wear this one out.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, an experienced Uralista always carries a BFH with his tools, spares aka reverse-juju items, more tools, and perhaps a tow strap! :O

Not sure re Yoshie, the V-Strom, it'll all boil down to garage space, and costs....

redlegsrides said...

Spat (John), I am looking forward to the end of the "break-in" period though I am embracing the "slower pace of riding" that a Ural provides/demands.

Thanks for the well wishes, I hope so also.

SonjaM said...

Man, you're clearly in love.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I thought you'd find the Ural to be a much different beast than Natasha. It sounds like I was right. Enjoy!

Chris said...

i told you newer ones are better :)When

The tool roll looks just the same as thr one in the trunk of my 2009. I added a hammer and vice grips. Gloves that actually fit and some zip ties. Glad you are liking your rig!!

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, not in love but it's looking less of a love/hate relationship that I had with Natasha

Circle Blue, yep, definitely night and day in some small things....

Chris, rig is running good so far, got to 900Km this morning on the commute to work....had not tried the gloves that came with the tool will have to check!

thanks to all for the visit and comments.