Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Then and Now: Westminster University and Loretto Heights University

Coming home, southbound on US287, this past Sunday.  I spied several old time buildings along this somewhat frenzied with traffic but otherwise scenic highway.

One that stood almost alone on a hill caught my eye and I detoured from motoring towards home to get a closer look at it.  Turns out to be originally the Westminster University building from the turn of the last century!  A great stone building with dramatic architectural touches that are pleasing to the eye.

Westminster University 
circa 1903
Source: Denver Public Library (DPL)
Call # X-14085

Once was Westminster University
now Belleview Christian University, 2012

Pillar of Fire - DPL Call # Z-1084
circa 1915-1925
From DPL:  Panoramic view of Westminster University of Colorado in Westminster (later a Pillar of Fire Church preparatory school and Belleview College) in Adams County, Colorado.

The above building is located next to Federal Boulevard, aka US287 and the intersection with 82nd Avenue.  You can get a nice view of downtown Denver from this hilltop location:

Denver's Downtown Skyline

Further South on Federal Boulevard, one can see Loretto Heights University building, aka Colorado Heights University.  The below picture is circa 1893-1935, more information is available by clicking the link below the photo from the Denver Public Library:

Loretto Heights University
DPL Call #MCC-3521


I love how folks have managed to preserve these old buildings from Denver's early days.  They seem to be in full use today and hopefully will be around for generations to come.


Mike Spille said...

Hi Dom. I see you were in my neighborhood. I would like to meet up sometime and discuss bikes and work stuff. I have a triumph scrambler that would great with a side car!

redlegsrides said...

Hi Mike, good to hear from you. I've managed to lose your email though, sorry.

You can reach me at domingoc AT ecollege.com