Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Topcase for Vikki the V-Strom

So the farkling continues on the new-to-me motorcycle, Vikki, the DL1000 Suzuki V-Strom.  Her first farkle was barbacks/risers to place the handlebar grips a bit higher and closer to me for the longer rides.

This week, the topcase I'd ordered from BestemUSA Motorcycle Accessories last weekend and it arrived on Thursday.  Installation was pretty straighforward on the V-Strom and the hardest part was mating a power lead wire to the brake light's power cable.  (not much room in the tail section of the V-Strom to move around in with one's hands).

The topcase is similar to the Givi topcase of similar dimensions.  It's also, based on my experience with the JC Whitney topcase, much superior to the Whitney knockoff.  For example, it comes with a built-in LED light which once you hook it up, lights up when you apply the brakes.  Hopefully it'll catch some unwary cager's attention.

Note the LED Brake Light above the chrome piece with the BESTEM logo

You can, supposedly, put two helmets inside but since I tend to ride solo when on two wheels, that's not a major issue.  I just needed something to stash the work laptop securely within during my commutes to and from work.  Strapping the laptop bad down on the pillion seat had become a bit of a chore and was causing some rub marks on the paintwork.

The "universal" mounting plate worked pretty well with the V-Stroms's cargo rack, and no cursing was involved so you know it was not hard at all to do.  Some drilling, some filing, swapping out the motorcycle's rear mounting bolts with the ones provided by BESTEM and it was all secure.

You can unlock and pop off the topcase in less than 30 seconds if needed, and you do have to remove the case when you want to remove the motorcycle's seat.

I hope to get in a good long ride tomorrow, so more scenic pictures hopefully to follow the below pictures.

 Vikki with her new topcase


Allen Madding said...

I can never figure out how people ride motorcycles without luggage. Unless they only ride for short fun trips on weekends. I absolutely love having a top case and side bags, and they have certainly proved very utilitarian for long trips and even the daily work commute.

Glad you are enjoying Vikki and that the weather has improved so you can commute with her.


irondad said...

My Givi top case is one of the best investments I've made.

Congratulations on the new ride. May you two have no end of good times together.

I missed something along the way. Did you voluntarily change jobs or manage to find one right after a lay off? Hope it all works out well.

Charlie6 said...

Allen, yes....those folks must not be ranging very far...and not carrying a laptop!

Irondad....I changed jobs voluntarily, Sungard was OK but Pearson is better in terms of work environment. Hey, today I re-learned something from the BRC: On a two-wheeled motorcycle, grab more front brake than rear though you must use both in combination....found its really easy to "lock up" the rear on took hold and I held down the rear brake till the rear tire settled down. I think it's a side effect from my having gotten used to using more rear than front brake on the Ural.

Chris Luhman said...

Looks like a great case. I have been loving my givi v46 since i got it. I have also wanted to add he led brake light. Good idea!