Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prairie Wanderings

Mostly cloudy day today here on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains with a forecasted high only in the mid 50s at best.

I spent the morning doing checks and maintenance on the girls in the garage, just basic TCLOCS stuff.

After lunch, no chores remained undone, I headed out on Vikki to see what we could see to the East of us.  In less than ten miles, I was pretty much cruising on dirt and roughly paved roads with prairie grass and the occasional house or ranch lining the horizon.

The winds were intermittently gusty but bearable at first, it would get much more overcast and cold about 90 minutes into the ride but the start was quite pleasant for early Spring here in Colorado.

Steve of Scooter in the Sticks had commented to me during his recent visit that he always liked shots of motorcycles with a road leading off into the far distance and wide open spaces all the way to the horizon.  I pretty much road while looking for just such photo opportunities.

Along the way, I found that the Bridgestone Trailwings on Vikki are pretty crappy on loose dirt/gravel roads, especially where gravel had built up even just slightly.  I'll have to get more more aggressive threads when it comes time to replace the current tires.

The following shots are spots I liked along the big loop I rode centering things roughly on the small town of Bennett, CO.

 Heading North on County Road 137

 R.R. Crossing East of Bennett, CO along CO36

 At the Watkins National Guard Armory, located at the Front Range Airport 

"On my Cayuse, I will wander over yonder till I see a Mountain Rise...." 

 On Hudson Rd, spotted strangely shaped objects on the horizon

The objects turned out to be solar panel arrays at some Solar Energy Research Facility

By the time I'd taken the last picture above, things had turned a bit cooler and I motored on homewards to a warm house.  About 80 miles of wandering the Eastern Plains of the Denver Metro Area.  Looks like we've got some kind of weather front coming in, hopefully it'll bring some much needed rain for the area.

Hope you got a ride in this Sunday!


Andrew said...

A fine looking bike! Although I do believe that black is the colour!

Steve Williams said...

Nice shots with those roads going off into the horizon. Now all you need is the thunderheads, tornadoes, or a picture of Jack Riepe doing a wheelie on his K Bike on that road. Then all will be right in the world.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Great pictures of a nice jaunt into ranges of mountains, where the seasons are gradually changing. I think it was very generous of you to allow Steve Williams to ride your Ural, which has a reputation for coming apart, blowing up, or just vaporizing under power. I have a vision of Steve walking around the Rockies, with a battery under one arm and a Ural tire under the other — asking directions for the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Now, down to the serious business at hand. One of your pictures in this series was genuinely intriguing to me. It entailed train tracks, trailing off to the horizon. Nothing makes a statement like trains or tracks. I do hope you will include more of these in the future.

It was terrific to see how you guys ran into each other, and how Richard M. of Alaska was also implicated. Great stuff.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Steve Williams said...

Mr. Riepe: Any thoughts I had of the Ural vaporizing were put to rest when Dom told me "It's supposed to sound like that."

To his credit he has completely turned around my thoughts concerning sidecars. It was a pleasure to ride in the sidecar and to pilot the rig. Not at all like the MP3 rig I tried out a couple weeks ago.

As nice as the pictures on this post are I am still looking forward to you doing a wheelie on your K Bike.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks
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Charlie6 said...

Andrew, thinking of painting her in Black...we'll see...thanks for visiting.

Steve, tornadoes? There are limits to how far even I will go to get the shots requested by you all! : )

Jack, I shot that RR crossing specifically with you in mind, knowing your love of locomotives. Glad you liked it. Not even a minute after I left that spot, a train came through....a bit close for my taste. I must find RR crossings where I can see a long ways off in BOTH directions next time.