Sunday, September 12, 2010

Showing Gary around Denver's Downtown

Last Sunday it was Gary's turn to ride in Natasha's sidecar as we took a short tour of the downtown area of Denver. The Taste of Colorado Festival was in its third day and we also took that in to see what kind of people watching we could do.

I'll let Gary cover the people-watching and sights he saw as we rode Denver's steel and glass canyons.

Traffic was very light since it was the Labor Day Holiday and the weather was a bit warm but very sunny and not much wind. We basically rode up and down the main drags of downtown Denver, stopping where Gary fancied a picture or two.

I was mostly the "hack chauffer" for Gary today so not many pictures. I invite you to check out his posting of today's riding. LINK.

One of the sights I did take a picture of was the Colorado Convention Center's Blue Bear:

The Blue Bear

We then wandered about some more, finally ending up near the Colorado State Capitol.  I parked Natasha after Gary finished taking pictures of this impressive structure and we walked into the "Taste of Colorado" area.

Not much to report, pretty much your typical festival with some kid rides, vendors selling everything from food/snacks/drinks to trinkets to artisans hawking their wares.  The crowds were tolerable and Gary seemed to be having a good time doing some people watching; again please check out his blog posting for today.

The festival was located in what's called the Civic Center.  One of the nearby buildings houses the Denver Post.  At the front of the building, I knew that there was the Pioneer Monument and statues representing the pioneers who helped settle Colorado and atop the monument, a statue of famed scout and trail blazer: Kit Carson.

I mentioned this to Gary and drew a blank stare from him.  I said to him: "You know, Kit Carson!"  He responded back with: "Oh you mean the TV personality, right?  Johnny Carson?"

I laughed out loud and quickly explained to him who Kit Carson was, as I'd forgotten that since Gary is British, that western history of the USA was probably not  widely covered when he was going through the English school system.  I kidded Gary about this for a bit and told him it'd end up in the blog.

One last "dig", Gary initially pointed at the statue of the miner before pointing correctly at Kit Carson

We left the "Taste of Colorado and were home a bit before 1:00 PM I think, a quick lunch later and soon it was time for Gary to ride off into the sunset.  Or in this case, an interview with fellow writer: Ken Bingenheimer.

Quite the enjoyable visit by Gary, and it was over way too soon we think.  As his departure neared, we took some last photos of the bikes and of each other:

He looks right at home on Natasha doesn't he?

Our last shot of Gary as he resumes his adventure

Safe Travels Gary!  We'll see you online.....Cheers!


Chris Luhman said...

In Gary's defense, I've never heard of Kit Carson either until your post.

motoroz said...

I think it so great that the two of you met up. Thanks for the post and pictures. Glad you showed him around.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

What part of Britain is Chris Luhman from?

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Chris Luhman said...

Jack, I'm from that part called Minnesota. Maybe you've heard of it??