Sunday, January 24, 2010

Windy Plains

Though sunny at times, today was mainly a blustery and windy day for riding.  The temperatures stayed below 39°F and it felt colder than that.

Once geared up and ATGATT though, the feeling of cold was minimal.  Mostly on my hands which were inside my winter gloves, the gloves were inside the ATV grip covers on Natasha, my '96 Ural Sportsman.  I never had to turn on the heated grips however, the hands just felt "cool".

After running an errand, I wandered over to the undeveloped rolling prairie lands near my home neighborhoods.  All the snow was gone, and what mud had developed had pretty much dried up in the cold sunny weather we've enjoyed the last few days.

It was late afternoon when I got there, pretty close to 4:00 PM as the "golden hour" started.  You'll have to imagine the mildly howling winds coming from the west, it made me have to retake shots at times since it would try to push me over as I framed the shot.

As close as I cared to get to the reservoir today, this is a new trail, led to a cul-de-sac in the making

Down in a low area, the reservoir is behind Natasha

Atop a small hill, you can see the Aurora Reservoir in the distance

Looking towards the south, the distant clouds looked like snow-capped mountain ranges

I rolled on towards home, stopping at a friend's house to pick up my youngest son from his "play date" with school chums.  I got him bundled up good, helmet on, and off we went towards home and warmth.

Hope you got some riding in today....

Previous rides in this area:

A short ride through the rolling plains
Riding a grassy trail to the lake


Charlie6 said...

For those of you who've read my postings on when I mention it at the beginning of a blog posting, my thanks!

Thanks I am sure to your visits, I made it past the minimum required for payment this month, so I'll get paid for last month (when I didn't make it by a measely .12 cents) and this month. My fuel budget thanks you!

Richard Machida said...

I really like the first and last pictures. The clouds, lighting and the placement of the bike and road really appeal to me.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Domingo):

I lost the last week (don't ask me where it went) but the last time I read your blog, I left a coment on the Examiner side.

Unless I'm mistaken, you've been out by this reservoir before, on one of your other bikes last year. I seem to recall a mud situation that you found really challenging.

I'm sorry to hear that the prairie you're riding through is destined to be a community. Once the grassland is gone, there will be nothing as beautiful to replace it.

The Ural looks spic and span, without a trace of salt or road crud on it. We had 18 hours of driving rain today, and all of the road salt is gone. While the gravel and cinders on the road is still n issue, I may get out to ride this week.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

Richard, glad you liked the photos...I thought of Natasha's military ancestors, riding the Russian steppes when I shot these pictures.

Jack, yes, I saw the comments you left on and responded there to them. However, I thank you here as well for your kind comments on that article.

You've a good memory, the ride in question is one of the "prior rides" links at the bottom of the posting.

I try and wash the Ural after it gets very dirty with road spray and mud or both. It helps me spot rust spots to treat them and oil leaks to fix them.

Thanks to you and Richard for reading meager posts such as this one and commenting.