Sunday, January 31, 2010

A ride through Deer Creek Canyon

Deer Creek Canyon Road, located near the intersection of the E-470 Super Slab and Wadsworth Blvd, is one of my favorite twisty roads to ride when one is short of time.  It's close to the Denver metro area, well maintained and has beautiful rock formations to go with its curving turns that lead one northwest towards Turkey Creek Roads north and south, both ending up eventually at US285.

I was not able to leave the house to go riding till almost 1:00PM and so I chose the Deer Creek Canyon area to give Brigitta, my 1987 R80 Beemer Airhead motorcycle some exercise.  It had been over a month since I'd ridden her and my maneuvers reflected it!  My u-turns were awkward and wide in radius, my shifting was rough, and it took me some time to accustom myself to her controls once again.  Sure, the weather has been cold and not conducive to riding on a motorcycle with a minimalist fairing, but I was chagrined at my mistakes.  I can't imagine what it must be like for motorcycle riders who hibernate their motorcycles all winter!

Anyways, I made my way through the Town of Parker, using the Crowfoot Parkway to get to the outskirts of Castle Rock.  Crossing over the I-25 slab using Founder's Parkway, I was soon winging my way north on US85.  Brigitta ran sweetly and strongly, smoothly forging its way into the strong winds that would be my company throughout the entire ride. 

I continued past the town of Sedalia where a few Harleys were parked outside the bar there.  I got onto the Titan Parkway and headed now west, soon enough I was turning onto Waterton Canyon and slowly making my way to CO121.  I turned north when I got to CO121 and a few minutes later I was at the beginning of Deer Creek Canyon Road.

The roads were clear of gravel and I enjoyed a few of the twists and turns, going past the South Valley Park area, and turning left onto Grizzly Road looking for Deer Creek Canyon Park.  The park turned out to be an open space park, where you park your vehicle and go hiking.  This was not for me so I continued past and explored the surrounding area's beautiful rock formations.  Folks have made their homes amongst these rock formations, blending in nicely I thought and not being too disruptive to one's view of nature's beauty.

Now this is a good example of blending one's home with the surroundings

A closer view of the rock strewn landscape visible from the high points of Deer Creek Park

Leaving the neighborhood of Deer Creek Park, I wound my way back towards a large rock formation I'd spotted on the way in, right on Deer Creek Canyon Road.  It's a bit awkward to get one's motorcycle into position due to the blind curves on both ends of the formation but I managed to do it safely.
Looking west on Deer Creek Canyon Road

I got myself turned around once more and headed back towards CO121.  Turning north, I elected to use the E-470 slab to speed on home as it was now 36°F and I was getting a bit chilled.  There was some construction delays between University Blvd and Colorado but after that I was making my way home at a good clip, strong headwinds notwithstanding!

Pretty good ride today, a bit windy and cold, some rust on my two-wheeled riding skills that I must work to remove.  First thing being not letting a month go by before riding on two wheels, next some practice in parking lots on my u-turns.

Hope you got some riding in today.

EOM Mileages: Brigitta: 83,363  Natasha: 13,701 Km


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

The last thing I would ever do is hurt your feelings. But that 1987 BMW "R" bike is thing of rare beauty, mechanical art, and Teutonic perfection. It makes the Russian bathtub you're so fond of running around on look like plumbing on wheels.

I seldom regret anything in life, but these pictures have me yearning for my first K75 — Blueballs — which was a 1986 K75 with a Sprint Fairing. Mechanically, it was nearly identical to the machine I'm riding now. But I liked shocking people with the fact that it was an '86. And the Sprint fairing was irreplacable.

This run looked like fun of the solitary sort. As usual, the pictures are very impressive.I lingered over most of them in an exploded view.

I am in the process of scrambling for work assignments, in an economy that is as dead as Kelsey's nuts. A friend of mine send me an ad for a mororcycle-oriented writer. The client was looking for a writer to draft 300-500 word product endorsemments. For this, they were willing to pay $5 per piece. That is the sort of thing that has me brushing my teeth with gin in the morning. I would be lying if I said I wasn't off my oats. Regretably, I have gotten out of the habit of checking the blogs of my friends on a day-to-day basis as the doldrums and winter depression set in.

But I always go back to see what I missed when it comes to your stuff.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

Jack, they're both beauties in their own way. That Ural is so much fun to ride and yet the smoothly delivered power of the Beemer is intoxicating as you well know. I like to think that I've got the best of both worlds.

Yeah, the search for work continues for me as well, so far, batting pretty much zero. Still waiting on one more rejection...then it'll be time to explore other options I guess.

I hope things pick up for you soon Sir.

Thanks for reading this stuff...on the plus side, guys like you who are reading the posts on have made January my best month yet....I think I might actually cover my gas expenses for the month!

Chuck Pefley said...

I'm always surprised at how light and nimble my GTS250 feels after I've been riding my 3 wheel MP3. I find myself over steering through the first few turns of the handlebar. Re-adjustment comes pretty quick, though. Riding different bikes at different time makes you realize the distinctive values of each.

Good luck with your job search.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Chuck for commenting and well wishes, it's going to be near 50 for Denver today....more riding on the Beemer is in order.

Chris Luhman said...

Wow! Lucky! I'm jealous you were able to get out on two wheels. It's still 10F here with lots of ice and over night another few inches of snow.

Good luck on the job search.


SonjaM said...

Hello, and welcome back, Brigitta! It's good to see you again. I guess you missed being on the road a lot.
Click from Winnipeg, and Calgary for your fuel piggy bank, my friend.

bobskoot said...


I clicked the link for the words, and back to your Blog for the better displayed photos. Maybe I'll go back and hit the link a few more times later.

Brigitta must feel like a rocket or sports car after the Hack. Temps are going up to around 50F tomorrow. Spring is nearly here. Sorry for the others who may be iced or snowed in. Too bad for them

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Charlie6 said...

Chris, there you are asking for no snow and here I am asking for snow...go figure. Go Ural!

Sonja...really, if you insist in living in Winterpeg, an enduro just won't cut it.... you too can over to the dark side, then pick up a nice bonnie later on for summer riding.....thanks for your contribution to the fuel budget....the girls thank you as well.

Bobskoot, thanks as well for clicks on Yes, Brigitta feels like a crotch rocket compare to much so I fear a speeding ticket in my future if I don't watch it.

FATTKAW said...

I don't know if you podcast but this site has a good chat on side cars.

podcast episode 191


Chris Luhman said...

Yes, I'm confused. I absolutely love riding in snow, but I also miss my other bikes.