Friday, January 08, 2010

Riding through 2010's first full week

It's Friday of this new year's first full week. I thought I'd show you the local riding conditions and how they changed as we got the latest "artic blast" from our neighbors to the North.

Here's Tuesday afternoon's riding conditions, highs in the low 40s and it had been over a week since Brigitta, my 1987 R80, had gotten to go out and play. So I took her out on the county roads to the east of my home neighborhoods for some exercise. This is important to work all the mechanisms and "burn off" any water condensate that might have built up within the gearbox. You have to go, according to my indie mechanic, at least 50 miles to heat up the engine enough to boil off the water within the gearbox.

A lonely county road somewhere on the Eastern Plains

Then there was some snow starting that Tuesday night and into Wednesday, we really only got perhaps 2 inches of the stuff so no big deal.

Thursday, I had lunch with a guy I used to work with about three contracts ago, had a good time and he gave me the scoop on two locations where my resume is being considered.

Near Arapahoe Road, looking west to the mountains

Finally, there's today, Friday. I went out on Natasha for some errands down in the Denver Tech Center area and on the way back home detoured through the Cherry Creek Reservoir Park for pictures of the snow.

Whale Tail Row at the Cherry Creek Reservoir Park

The view from the Model Airplane Field at the Cherry Creek Reservoir

One of several picnic/overlook areas at the reservoir

Cherry Creek Dam's Control Tower, I slipped and fell on my butt while moving around the rear of Natasha, no injuries since I was ATGATT but a good reminder to me of how slippery the snow was, in spite of how sure-footed Natasha was riding

I saw some car/truck tire tracks off one parking lot, followed them, looks like they were made by park service vehicles as they maintained the facilities in the area. Still, it allowed me this shot of Natasha amongst the trees of a picnic area.

Got home around 12:30 PM, had some lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon helping my youngest son build a snow fort. Great fun and not too hard on my back. I even got calls from a recruiter for a possible interview with Comcast. Wish me luck on these three leads....

Update: Fort pictures added:


bobskoot said...


good luck on the interviews.

Lovely snow pictures. If we're lucky we may see snow next week as the highest mountain (in the world) is in Kona, Hi with snow year round. Highest from sea level to the top. We can't hike but I have a zoom.
My mission to to take photos of every Hack I see

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

cpa3485 said...

Building a snow fort sounds like fun. Glad you have been able to get out, even on 2 wheels no less. Been bitter cold here and the icy streets have lingered on and on.
Hope the job prospects turn our for you.

Charlie6 said...

Bobskoot, thanks for the kind words and well wishes....Highest Mountain in the world eh? Too bad one can't take a picture of Kona from the bottom of the ocean on which it rests....that would be something.

cpa3485, thanks for visiting and your well's bitter cold here as well, but I've no excuse not to ride since ice/snow are no longer ride stoppers....

Chuck Pefley said...

More well-wishes with your upcoming interviews. They'll surely know how serious and dependable you are when you ride through the snow drifts on three wheels to get to your appointments.

Love to see some pictures of the snow fort!

SonjaM said...

I love the pic with Natasha amongst the trees, but it is so good to see Brigitta out of the stable for a change.
I keep fingers and toes crossed for your interview! Good luck, and have a great weekend!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Interview to not be able to ride while everyone else is locked inside a cubicle? That just sounds wrong!! But, I have to add best wishes for success because paying the bills is a neccessary evil on this journey called life.

Good Luck in the search!!!

Chris Luhman said...

Good luck with the interviews!

I am quite jealous you were able to ride your BMW. It hasn't gotten above 15F here all year with lots of snow an ice.

Your Ural in the trees is a nice shot.

Charlie6 said...

chuck, thanks for the well wishes from you....I tend to ride to interviews, just have to stash the riding gear before going in looking "presentable".

sonja, thanks to you as well, yes it was good for Brigitta to get some exercise...the trees shot was my favorite of the day as well.

az harley dude: yeah, it seems wrong doesn't it? But the examiner gig is barely paying for a few tanks of gas so work I must.... : )

chris, thanks for the visit, you ever figure out why your plugs are fouling? Mine were also until I did the following:

natasha is better now

irondad said...

Firstly, I echo the sentiments wishing you success with new work.

Secondly, I am tempted to steal some of your photos and make postcards out of them!

Thirdly, thanks for the cheer in the photos. If you want to know what our week was like go find a mud puddle. That's pretty much it.

Take care.

Charlie6 said...


firstly, thanks for the sentiments.

secondly, help yourself...

thirdly, mud puddles eh? I wonder how Natasha will do with water crossings?

Chris Luhman said...

Charlie6: after re-reading your post (I read it the first time too) something jumped out at me. "replaced the autolites [never use them again]"

When I flooded the engine and had the dead battery, I swapped plugs, but all I could find was autolites... I never put good NGKs back in after I bought some spares... I'm hoping that is it.

thanks for reminding me!

motoroz said...

Good luck with the interviews and other leads.
Thanks for the pictures.

I have never ridden in the snow. How is a bike in those conditions? I guess having the sidecar helps.

Snow fort looked fun. We don't get too much snow in the North Texas area, but when we do we try to make the most of it.

Charlie6 said...

Chris, glad I could help....the folks at Wagner's Cycles, one of the dealers with a good rep, swear by NGKs....the "equivalents" are "too hot".


thanks, riding on snow is kind of different each time as the snow changes....its like being on mud mostly, a bit slippery and your front wheel wants to wander into ruts....

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I marvel at your determination to get ot and ride in the snow. Shouls I win the lottery or sell one of my big literary numbers to Hollywood, I will buy a Hannigan Trike (BMW LT conversion) and join you.

Hot damn! Congratulations on nailing several inrerviews right out of the gate... I chatted with a few recruiters who are awash with candidates, mamy of whom were their former human resource contacts at various corporations.

I have contacted a number of motorcycle publications regarding freelance assignments or even column positions, but have been unable to get a rise out of any. It would appear that I am either lacking in skill, or the basic understanding of what appeals to the average biker/reader. It would probably help if I could tell a story!

But I did get a very nice thrill yesterday... Four other Mac Pac riders and myself were invited to attend a breakfast hosted by the Mid-Atlantic RiderS (MARS) in Delaware. As the event concluded, two gentlemen came up to me to favorably comment on this month's column piece in the BMW MOA's Owners News (ON).

It would appear I must build my literary credentials one at a time.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

Jack, trust me, you're a great writer...trouble is getting "known" by the right publishers I think.

It's always nice to be complimented on one's writing, I am glad those guys came up to you at that gathering to let you know.

I wouldn't want to convey the impression I already have the interviews lined up, I had just basically made it past the first screening....still, it looks hopeful.

Thanks for reading my stuff and commenting.

George F said...

I love the picture of Brigitta all lonely on that long stretch. I love all your pictures in the snow with Natasha. Love reading your blog. Good luck with interviews.