Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meandering around Denver City Park

Today's riding was in sunny weather and temperatures which started for me in the high 20s and ended up in the mid-40s.  Very nice riding weather for Colorado in other words!

A couple of weeks ago, I'd visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, with my youngest son Miles.  The crowds had been horrific and we'd left hurriedly to cruise the nearby park.  The park turned out to be Denver's City Park, in which not only the museum resides, but also the Denver Zoo and Ferril Lake.  Just before escaping the crowds at the museum, I had seen a nice view of the boat pavilion on Ferril Lake with Denver's downtown skyscrapers in the background.  Today, I returned to City Park to capture the view:

The boat pavilion at Ferril Lake, with Mount Evans in the distance

Having accomplished the objective for today's ride, I was free to meander through the remainder of City Park to see what I could see.  As it was mid-morning while I rode around, the sunlight was doing some interesting lighting of the trees lining the roadways coursing through the park grounds.

 Some of the hundreds of geese I saw wandering and flying about the park

 I liked the way the sunlight played amongst the branches of these trees


 Natasha at Duck Lake, I wonder if all the nests you can see in the trees are occupied.

 A closeup view of the ducks and geese at Duck Lake

It's quite the nice park to take one's family to if you're a Denver resident.  I saw lots of parents pushing their young sitting in strollers, young ladies jogging and a few bicyclists riding slowly taking in the sights.  The park is apparently also a highly popular gathering point for geese.  I saw squadrons of them flying about and coming to rest in large flocks in the open areas of the park.

I made my way home for lunch, taking side roads back to my home neighborhoods.  It was getting a bit warm as I rode home, I had to remove the ATV grip covers from my handlebars and was seriously considering shedding a layer or two.  I think I'll be taking Brigitta out for a spin tomorrow, it's supposed to be a few degrees warmer than today!

Hope you got some riding in.....


motoroz said...

Man that looks like a nice day to ride. I can handle it when it is cold if it is dry and sunny. Dallas area has been cold and wet!

PS - read your post on

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Chartlie6 (Dom):

This looked like a pleasant enough run with old Russian shower stall on wheels. You do keep in gleaming though. The Czar would be proud. The park looked nice enough too.

Your systematic criss-crossing of the State is giving me a multi-dimensional perspective of Colorado.

Until recently, the roads in Pennsylvania were free of snow and salt too. Almost like these. But the grit situation (cinders and gravel on road) is intolerable. A storm on Saturday added new ice and snow, decorated with new mounds of salt. I will not be riding anytime soon.

Nice cheery blog today.

Fondrst regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twiated Roads