Sunday, December 06, 2009

Uraling on fresh snow

We in the Denver Metro area woke to about a couple of inches of snow with more falling steadily. After a hearty breakfast, we all headed out (me on Natasha and my sons and loving wife in the minvan) to the local undeveloped cul-de-sacs. The objective was to hopefully get good pictures of the boys and Natasha for this year's Christmas letter.

We got to the spot without incident and posed Natasha and the boys for several minutes while the snow fell. You'll get to see those pictures later on.

Here I am riding by my wife after the picture session

After the picture session, the boys and my wife piled back into the minivan and headed off to a local elementary school's "sledding" hill for some fun. I tarried in the cul-de-sac area and had a bit of "fun" of my own. I learned to do left-handed donuts in the snow! Much fun was had as I would initiate the left turn and then twist the throttle up a bit, Natasha's rear end would just slide around and I got to the point where several 360s were done by just holding down the throttle a bit.

Natasha in her natural element

I went to the elementary school and got there in time to see the boys start heading back to the car....the cold and driving snow had limited the "fun factor" of sledding for them. I must admit, it was quite cold with temperatures in the low teens.

I showed my loving wife how Natasha did donuts in the snow (in an open portion of the school parking lot) and she just shook her head at my attempts at hooliganism. They headed home and I headed east into the plains on Quincy Road.

I first headed down the road towards the Youth Correctional Center off of Quincy, just east of the Aurora Reservoir. It was the same road where I posed Natasha in my last posting with the hay rolls. Here she is again, this time with a bit more snow in evidence:

hay rolls, redux

The road I was on is not heavily traveled, so I used it to try and capture the words "Wintry Solitude":

A snowy country road

A flock of geese heading North

I then continued heading East on Quincy Road towards Tombay Road where I usually pose my motorcycles when out that way. The road conditions varied from wet and wide channels on lightly snow-covered roads to slushy narrow channels over snow-packed roads. Still, I was able to maintain speeds of about 35mph, pulling over when about to be overtaken by some cager so they could pass me safely.

Looking East on Quincy Road

There were periods of sunshine ten miles east of Gun Club Road where the above picture was taken. As I headed back towards the home neighborhoods though, it clouded over again and once again it was snowing lightly. I got home with no incidents and a big grin on my face, oh and I couldn't help it, one more donut in my own cul-de-sac:

can you see the donut?

Here's Natasha, a bit ice/slush covered from our ride, she looks great doesn't she?

I swear, Natasha seems to love the winter weather, the colder and snowier, the better she seems to run.

Update: 5:00 PM, donuts in the snow are much more fun with one of your sons in the sidecar! It's kept snowing too, I think we're up to four inches by now.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it early for geese to fly north?
The ones flying over my neighborhood are going south.
Either way, that is one great shot!

Charlie6 said...

Hey anonymous....perhaps they're canadian geese? : )

thanks for the visit and comments

FATTKAW said...

Your hay roll picture is my new wallpaper for now, but you can keep the 4" of snow! :)

Mike said...

Very nice pictures and report on a fun snowy day. Thank you.

SonjaM said...

From the way you're describing your painting donuts in the snow, I pictured you coming home to the wife with cheeks red from the cold, a sparkle in your eyes, and a boyish grin on your face. You made me smile today, thank you.

bobskoot said...


I really like that picture "A Snowy Country Road"

And I don't think they're Canadian Geese. I went out and counted all the ones that are staying for the winter and . . . they're all accounted for.

Your Ural is living up to the Dom legent

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Chris Luhman said...

I'm jealous! We just have the cold, but hardly any snow. I'm quite looking forward Ural donuts!

Everyday Riding

Charlie6 said...

Fattkaw, thanks for the visit....

Mike, glad you liked them.

Sonja, thanks for the kind words....glad I caused you to smile.

Geez Bobskoot, you guys keep count of the geese? : ) Thanks for your continued readership.

cpa3485 said...

Looks like an absolute blast!
Doughnuts are fun and your pictures are very nice.
Assume you dressed warmly.

Sojourner rides said...

I did see the donut! Cool! All I can say is, I want a Ural! I loved your pics!

Charlie6 said...

cpa3485, oh yes....layers and windproof stuff. by the end of two hours though...the toes and finger tips were starting to tingle a bit...time to go in.

sojourner....urals are a blast on snow, a bit on the maintenance-intensive side but am sure you'd be able to handle it, if I can, anyone can.