Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ural Cartoons

I'd known about these cartoons made for Ural for quite a while now, figured it was time to share with you my favorite. Can you see why?

click the above to watch the video

There's a few more here at the imz-ural website: More Ural Cartoons


Unknown said...


WOW, Natasha in your cul-de-sac doing doughnuts in the snow. Just have to figure out a way to put your face on that cartoon guy. A cracked a smile when I saw it . . . It's just like YOU

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

irondad said...

Just another reason for me not to have a sidecar. I can get ugly and fat passengers on my own. Can't say I consider the cartoon to be incentive!

I turn my back on you for a few days and you're filling your blog with new posts. Really like the photos in the air museum post.

We replace clutch cables on the training bikes all the time. And levers, and turn signal lenses, and....!

redlegsrides said...

Irondad....you simply must check out the other cartoons....the one with the blonde.

bobskoot....the guy is not ATGATT so it could not be me. : )

Chris said...

LOL! Thanks for sharing. That one is my favorite too. I had to add it to my blog also.

Everyday riding

cpa3485 said...

Love the video. Very cool!