Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two pictures voted into the 2010 Rounder's Calendar

I belong to an online group of motorcyclists who share a common aim, to ride all year round on our motorcycles if at all possible.

We call ourselves the Rounders and the website is

We recently had a photo contest where one could submit one's photos showing riding in each of the four seasons. I am honored that two of my submittals were voted on by enough rounders to make it into the forthcoming calendar.

The rest of the winning entries can be found here: LINK

Here's the winning entry from my friend Ken Phenix who I rode with this past summer, he made the calendar cover! Congrats Ken!


FATTKAW said...

San Juan Skyway picture is great!!

Electra Glide In Blue said...

Congrats on your pic's being voted in by fellow 'Rounders'. I have never checked out the site, sounds a little rough and tough.

Chris said...

congrats! I really like the July pic.