Friday, December 04, 2009

An alternative to using a sidecar?

Want the stability of three wheels and more cargo space? Own a Goldwing or a Harley Davidson Electraglide type motorcycle? Then the folks at Tow-Pac Inc may be a place for you to visit.

I ran across this "side mounted trailer" for these specific motorcycles at Mike Werner's "Bikes in the Fast Lane" website. Being a budding sidecarist, the title of his posting intrigued me and drew me in: Motorcycle Trailer As Sidecar

source: Bikes in the Fast Lane

There's more information, not much more but some, at the manufacturer's website: LINK

Apparently, it's a simple to mount/dismount system requiring no changes to your motorcycle. You gain the stability of a third wheel and about 8 cubic feet of lockable storage space. I must confess the "automatic leveling system" it boasts seems interesting but not enough to write them for information.

Is it a replacement for a real sidecar? I doubt it, though I imagine that snowy streets will be more manageable with this kit mounted. You can't carry people or animals so it lacks the "monkey" factor in useability.

No idea how "supportive" that trailer is in terms of holding up the tug or motorcycle either, you'll have to ask the folks at tow-pac.

Still, an interesting concept, and if you just can't leave home without wanting to bring along more than your motorcycle's saddlebags can hold.....

I'd be curious to see what the cost is.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

In theory this might sound good, but my experience tells me a trailer next to the bike takes away too much valuable escape room. Even pulling a trailer cuts off some of that room. Don't know why a guy would need to keep that close of an eye on a trailer anyway.

WooleyBugger said...

Hey! I like that better than those little tow behind motorcycle trailers.