Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Trunk Lock for Natasha

Ural Sidecar Motorcycles come with spacious trunks in the sidecar for storage of tools, supplies and whatever else comes to mind when riding such vehicles.

The trunks however, do not come with a lock. These vehicles are descendants of Russian military motorcycles after all and locks could be a bother when trying to access the ammunition stored in the sidecar's trunk in the middle of a fire fight!

Since I can't have a Russian Army Private guarding my stuff when I park Natasha away from home, I decided to install a lock. I've always lived in big cities and sometimes temptation makes thieves out of marginally honest people. Locks keep the honest people honest I was once told.

I found this link on the russianiron.com site. Pretty simple: LINK

I emailed them on Sunday, no response by today so I just went to the local hardware store and cobbled the components together. Worked out pretty good too. My youngest son rode in the sidecar with me, and the employees who saw us park were much entertained.

Here's the final results. Note, measure carefully, I have two holes in the trunk where one would have been enough. Oh well.

The area circle in red is the hook which engages the trunk lid latches, the area in yellow is the handle which rotates the hook out of the way.

As you can see, with the lock in place, the handle cannot rotate up and move the hook away from the trunk lid latches. It's WWID security but should be "good enough". If someone wants in badly enough, they'll get in.

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bobskoot said...


Wow, that looks like a professional installation, better than factory.
I'm begining to use your terminology . WWID is growing on me

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