Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A freaky doppelganger sighting and one more pic of Natasha

Yesterday, while riding home on Brigitta, my 1987 R80 Airhead Beemer I caught sight of a rider in a black riding outfit similar to mine. He also had a silver flip-up helmet and was waiting at the same stoplight as I was except he was in the cross street, and to my left.

So what you ask yourself? Plenty of riders out there in black outfits, plenty more with silver colored helmets!

Here's the freaky part: He was sitting astride a black URAL motorcycle with black sidecar! An incredibly close replica to the rig I am eagerly awaiting receipt of this Friday. This is the first and only URAL I've seen on the road here in all my years in Denver!

He had patches on both shoulders as I do on my riding jacket. Heck, had he had his faceshield down, you'd have thought that was me in about three days! Freaky.

From Wikipedia:
The word "doppelgänger" has come to refer (as in German) to any double or look-alike of a person. The word is also used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection. They are generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck. In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person's friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one's own doppelgänger is an omen of death, or results in immediate death upon the two coming face to face. In Norse mythology, a vardøger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance.

So to dispel the negative karma of the sighting, I give you this great picture of Phil with his lovely wife Sharon. It's a Christmas picture they used one year, and presents Natasha, the 1996 Ural Sportsman he's swapping for Maria, my 2004 R1150RT Beemer.


Richard Machida said...

I, for one, can't wait to hear about the Ural. I've been thinking about a hack for a while though I'm tempted to just try to add one to my '83 R100RT instead of looking for a new ride. Keep us posted!

Charlie6 said...

thanks Richard for your comments...I too thought about hanging a sidecar off my R80 but after researching it and all the "adjustments" required to make it safe and rideable, decided to go for a "sorted out" Ural which is designed from ground up to have a sidecar.

bobskoot said...


They say that everyone has a double somewhere in the world. Now you have a double in Denver, just to find him somehow now that you both own Urals. Hard to believe same bike, same riding outfits.
Only 2 more sleeps until Natasha arrives. Can't wait for your new adventures

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Can you believe it? A guy who looks just like me was seen sneaking into a pole dancers' dressing room at a roadhouse in Repression, Pa. Wha are the odds of that?

This rig in the picture is beautiful. But it is already sporting two riding lights under the nose of the hack. You might have all the light you beed on this baby already.

I wish I could ride with you tomorrow. This is gonna be some story. That hack rig is beautiful.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

bobskoot, yeah, weird huh? I can't wait either...

Jack, yeah the present owner says they're pretty cheesy and he had removed them, he just put them on again for delivery to me, we'll see. Thanks for your comments and your own doppelganger sighting....the club's surveillance system cameras is being subpoenaed by the FBI for further investigation I am told.

Sojourner rides said...

That was a fun post! My wild imagination really started revving up! Motorcyclist Carla King rode a Ural around the perimeter USA and wrote a book about it. I so enjoyed learning about that rig. Looking forward to hearing more about yours.

Charlie6 said...

Sojourner, yes I plan to order that book by Carla King to see how that trip was like on her Ural.