Sunday, September 20, 2009

Short rides with The Boys

An eventful day today, lots of maintenance tasks accomplished on Natasha:
  • rust removal followed up by painting, mostly frame and sidecar bottom
  • did a WWID and "fixed" temporarily the broken bulb mounting bracket inside front left turn signal. WWID: What Would Ivan Do.
  • troubleshot and figured out another WWID fix for my high beam light, we'll see if it lasts
  • replaced missing insert in clutch handle, failure to do so would result in handle coming off, usually not a good thing. Used hardware I bought at Home Depot.
Rode to Sanoke's house, aka John my riding mentor. He took Natasha out for a spin, came back and I got in the sidecar and we went off for another spin! That was fun. This was my first ride through the city as well since John lives in the central-west part of town. I had to use busy Arapahoe Road most of the way, had no issues and only one missed shift into second. Natasha accelerates just fine when one knows how to engage gears at the right desired time!

Got home to a sumptuous dinner and afterwards, took both my sons (one at a time since they've somehow grown up from when they used to both fit in one regular car seat). I took each around the the neighborhood, perhaps 2-3 blocks worth of riding, no main roads. We all had a blast!

Miles went first, he's always up for adventure

Here's Patrick, he loves the fact that a sidecar passenger is called a Monkey

The boys and Natasha, with a beautiful rainbow in the background

I am having so much fun riding and working on Natasha, being able to share that with the boys was a bonus I expected, I just didn't realize it'd be so nice. Coming soon, Martha's turn to ride in the sidecar.


Anonymous said...

How fun! I can't wait to see you and Martha ride off together for a sunset ride. From the picture in a previous post, she sure looks like she's ready for some serious cross country cruising. How long until retirement? Enjoy your new loves...Natasha and the joy of being able to share her from time to time with the family.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

What a riot! It looks like you've been having nothing but great fun since you've taken possession of the Ural. What was the fix for the headlight and the turn signals? Bad ground? Loose wire? How do you get parts for one of these?

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad

redlegsrides said...

Thanks anonymous...

Jack, the fixes were definitely WWID type fixes.

The turn signal I fashioned a base out of quicksteel to hold the broken bracket which supports the bulb, then I double-sided taped a small spacer on the lens which then applied pressure onto the bulb itself, making sure it mated to the hot connector...

re the headlight, there's a worn plastic piece which moves the ground connector for each light setting, it was loose for the highbeam and any kind of movement would cause it to move enough to break the connection. I placed a small piece of wood that lets the switch engage but not fully seat and it's good to go. I'll order a new sub-assembly but now it's no rush with either issue.

redlegsrides said...

Jack, forgot your last question. There's dealers here in the US and luckily, one in nearby Golden, CO.

Unknown said...


looks like you are getting a lot of utility with Natasha, with the bonus of having some companionship with the sidecar.
I was behind a Ural 2 wheel drive unit (with sidecar) recently and I did not notice lack of acceleration or difficulty in shifting. I tried to talk to the rider but the light changed .
I think I hear Brigitta whimpering in the garage

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

redlegsrides said...

Hi bobskoot

yep, acceleration now not an issue, had to figure out how to "correctly" shift a russian Brigitta whimpering, yeah, she is....must ride her soon. I think her sporadic seepage of transmission oil from her neutral sensor is getting worse.