Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Milestones in one Day

Today, my wife sent my oldest son Patrick, for his first day of middle school. No more elementary school stuff for this young lad of 12. I hear he did great, my wife dropped him off a couple of blocks from the school; and after a small wave he just ran all the way to school!

Now that's a good haircut! Ranger!

After school, he was very positive and seemingly happy so I guess it's a good start for him.

The second milestone, not as significant as Patrick's first day at middle school, was that Brigitta made it over 80,000 miles on her odometer! This means that I've put 18,465 of my own riding miles on her since I bought her in July of last year. Not bad.

Brigitta's odometer as I reached work today

I figure if I work harder at it, I can break 100,000 by next summer.

So a happy day both in my family life and in my motorcycling life. What more could I ask for? Two good sons, a loving wife who encourages me to ride, two beemers in the garage. Well, there's some thoughts and machinations going on for a URAL sidecar rig for winter riding but that's just in the "wishful thinking" stage. First, I have to find work after the present contract with UAL runs out.


Martha said...

Yep, I believe your youngest is the one encouraging the side car addition. Told me he wanted that more than a replacement bicycle. :)

Get well soon, stuffy hubby!

Electra Glide In Blue said...

Charlie6, Keep up that "wishful thinking" and you will need a bigger garage and the Brig won't see the 100K mark cuz you'll be riding a hack.

bobskoot said...


congrats on your two milestones. You can never turn back time and some moments live in our minds forever. Children grow up and time marches on.
It is good to find you are blessed with good fortune and contentment and have an understanding wife who lets you enjoy life to the fullest. I sometimes gather the same thoughts

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Congratulations on the milestones and with such an understanding wife a Ural sounds like a done deal. Just think, it won't be long and the young men can tag along learning to ride on the hack.

Sojourner rides said...

Middle school can be tough. Glad you little one, er, big boy, had a good start. Middle school age son and middle age bike--both seem to be doing great! Congrats.

irondad said...

I appreciate someone who is still experiencing milestones with children sharing them with me. Mine are grown and gone. That brings new milestones like grandchildren. However, those early years are special.

When I get a bike close to a hundred thousand I always feel torn between wanting the miles but not wanting to wear the bike out too soon!

Charlie6 said...

wifey, it sure would be fun to take the boys out on a sidecar!

electra glide, yeah, I may have to sell the 1150RT to make room.

bobskoot, I've sometimes felt a bit of guilt at "abandoning" my sons when I go riding but they seem ok with it. Getting a sidecar would alleviate some of that.

sojourner, yeah middle school can be tough, but I am more worried about high school.

irondad, so you wear out the bike, just have the engine rebuilt and continue riding.....that'll be Brigitta in 20k miles.

bobskoot said...


as per your comments about riding, I reserve Sundays as "family" day. I ride all week, but not Sunday. And somehow, it just doesn't make sense to ride my bike somewhere only to be followed by your wife in the car. Of course there are some exceptions as I also attend out of town Rallies.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin