Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Ride to the Hardware Store

After dinner tonight, I set off for the hardware store to pick up a couple of items. I decided to take a small detour down past the mall and headed east on East County Line Road to see what I could see.

Temperatures were in the mid 80s and not much in the way of clouds. The rolling plains to the east of the Denver Metro Area were nicely green and you could see farm animals and even what looked like antelope grazing in the distances.

I turned around as usual shortly after hitting the end of the paved road. Now the sun was in my eyes but it was also lighting things up in a golden color to the east, behind me.

I stopped Brigitta on top of a rise and give you this shot of the eastern plains:

Looking east along East County Line Road

A few more miles westward, I stopped and posed Brigitta by this big cluster of sun flowers that I'd spotted on the way out:

The sun had been going down as I did all this riding and as I got closer to my home neighborhoods it was painting a very nice picture of the mountains and Denver:

I next went into sunset shooting mode, trying to silouette Brigitta against the sunset. Many pictures later, at varying exposures and shutter speeds; along with some retouching from, this was the best one of the bunch:

I finally made it to the hardware store, got my stuff, heading home in the twilight. The sky to the was a dark red as the sun finally deigned to dip behind the mountains.

Hope you got some riding in!


Arizona Harley Dude said...

The pictures are just beautiful.

Jack Riepe said...

Desr Chaelie6 (Domingo):

The shot of Bridgetta against the wall of sunflowers had a pleasant Hallmark Card quality about it. Blown up on my screen, it looks as if there should be a poem in the lower right hand corner. My suggestion wlould be:

I thought I'd get the perfect gift,
And wrap it just for you...
But then I went and spent my cash,
On this beautiful BMW.

However, I can see the folks at MOA tapping the sunset picture, wtth Bridgetta silouetted against the sunset for a cover.

It is too hot ride in these parts (wearing all this damn gear), so I disabled my bike this weekend for cosmetic maintenance. I pulled the muffler off as the attempt to powder coat it failed miserably. I will take it to Jet Hot for ceramic coating in semi-gloss black. It will take a week to get yhe muffler back. In the meantime, I used up a $300 credit at the BMW dealers with the purchase of PIAA HID lights. These will mount on the authoritry bars. Should be an intersting look when I'm done with it.

Nice post tonight.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads

Rob said...

When I lived in Lakewood, CO, my short rides were always in the mountains. During my 2-3 day trips, I headed east into the open plains. Great photos as well!

Charlie6 said...

AZ Harley Dude, thanks for your kind words....the sunset ones came out pretty well after a little retouching....

Jack...your words are too kind as always. I can send you the original size version of that sunflowers pic if you wish to use it for a background....though I would imagine you'd prefer one with Fireballs in it.

I have to work to get more of the bike silhoutted in the sunset/sunrise shots.....then it would be cover-worthy!

Re your bike, I thought you already had extra lights to the front?

Charlie6 said...


as always, thanks for your kind words and continuing readership....