Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Killing time in Thornton, CO

So this past Sunday I had about four hours to kill before the Civilian Top Gun Precision Riding demonstration I wrote about before. I'd managed to confuse the start time and now had time to kill.

As I rode away from topgunmotorsports, I saw my reflection in a store front mirror....decided to pose myself accordingly. I always wondered how "friendly" an image I project.

The eye-catching Avaya building's centerpiece, located on 120th and Huron

Next, tiring of the city, I headed west on 120th, taking US36 West when I could, into the town of Boulder. I tried getting a decent picture of the Flat Irons, the rock formations that Boulder is famous for, but traffic and lighting were against me. I moved further south along Broadway and found Table Mesa Road.

The views on Table Mesa Drive in Boulder.

Forget Baseline Road, much better views of the rock formations and Flat Irons from this road. It's a bit further south than Baseline Rd but still gets you nice views.

Back in Thornton, near Pecos and 52nd I think, one of the bigger silo complexes I've seen. It's near the Union Pacific's North Rail Yard Complex.

Visible from the rail yards, Qwests/AT&T's Communications Tower

By the time I got done taking all the above pictures, it was time to mosey on over to Top Gun Motorsports and do my examiner thing. It sometimes pays off to do a little wandering around if you've some time to kill.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom:)

Sometimes I get the best story ideas when I am just killing time. Drifting through an area can make you appreciate all kinds of things that you normally just pass by in a blur.

I find silo complexes amazing. When I was a kid, my fire chief father explained to me how working around silos is incredibly dangerous... Not only from inhaling the grain dust or from drowning in it... But from the occasional explosion.

Your pictures are getting to me. I cannot compete with the natural splendor of the mountains you criss-cross daily... But you have given me a idea for a piece in which I will return to some of the sites I frequented on my Kawasaki H2.

I am going to try for this in two weeks.
I found the pictures of the Flatiron Mountains very intriguing. They are encouraging me to try something unusual. I am going to go after the kind of shots that you generally have. And I am going to do it alone.

Great post... And congratulations again in your first event participation as a moto-journalist. Can you please send me a direct link to your Examiner column?

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep• Toad

Rob said...

I often find myself getting up a little bit early so I can ride around with no particular place to go. It's strange b/c that is when I usually find the coolest stuff.

Charlie6 said...

Thanks for your commentary, I look forward to these articles you mention.

As to my examiner stuff, there's a link on the right side of my blog but for you:

moto-journalist, I like the sound of that!

mq01 said...

i agree with jack, i love these pics, great post. so much so that i think i'll split this weekend solo with no particular destination in mind. lets see if i get any good pics as well. the soul just needs to go ride... :)

bobskoot said...


I noticed that you do as much walking as riding. I don't usually get my bike in the pictures, preferring to just aim in the scenic direction.
You are a perfectionist to get your bike in exactly the right angle in relation to the background. I imagine you place your bike in position, walk back a block or two to scan the scene, and if not right, walk back to the bike, change its angle, walk away again, snap the pix, then return to the bike. That panorama perhaps took a couple of trips back and forth and it appears to be a long way away. I just get tired thinking about all the walking that you must do to capture just the right elements.
I'm chuckling to myself just imagining all that mounting and dis-mounting Jack has to do getting on an off his portable platform.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Charlie6 said...

mq01, thanks for reading this stuff and your kind words, and yes....solo riding is good for the soul.

bobskoot, yes, I tend to plan my bike's stopping point with the subsequent picture in to walking, it's not two blocks away, just a few hundred at most.....sometimes, the angles don't work out, you guys just don't see those pics. : )
Thanks for reading this stuff.

irondad said...

I know the two reasons we ride a bike are to have fun and look good. I just can't help but wonder, though. How many accidents are caused because riders can't tear their eyes away from their storefront window reflection? :)

How cool to get invited to motorcycle events as a motojournalist! Sweet.