Friday, December 05, 2008

Yesterday's snow is gone - went for a little ride

We got perhaps 4-6 inches of soft puffy snow yesterday. It snowed most of the day with the pesky storm system hovering over the Denver Metro area all day, dumping more snow as I worked to keep a path clear to the main roads with my snow blower.

It finally stopped snowing after sunset, so I headed out yesterday evening for one more pass, it was bitterly cold and my wife gave me her "you're insane" look.

You can see below that my efforts were worth it:

The view at 0730hrs, the sun would make short work of all the snow you see

It still was pretty bad but you can see there's just a very thin snow/ice layer on the sidewalk which I could use later to escape the snow choked neighborhood roads to the hopefully drier main roads.

The sun came out and as I worked remotely the morning away, with a couple of snow/ice shoveling breaks to ensure drainage, and the snow rapidly melted off even the neighborhood streets.

Work and phone meetings done with, I headed out around 1400hrs and was able to dodge and weave my way through the remaining ice/snow on the street and get to the main roads which were just wet. I rode up Himalaya Road to Quincy which I took East towards the Plains Conservation center where I took this picture of Maria with the Front Range in the distance.

Although the temperature was in the mid to high 40s around this time, I did not wander about long and barely racked up 10 miles before heading to the barn.

It's supposed to get into the 50s tomorrow, I'll have to see how things look closer to the foothills and mountains to the West. I like the way the snow does not "hang around" for long here in the state. I guess it's a combination of the altitude and lots of sunshine we get.

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