Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just ordered myself a New Helmet

Not sure why I dithered so long after seeing the results published by the British version of DOT. They'd issued an initial list of flip-front helmets, only ones to do so in the world as far as I know, and my current helmet had come in as 1 of 5! Not good. LINK

I wrote an email to KBC, the makers of my current helmet and so far, no answer. I guess they did not want to defend themselves. I wonder if all this has any relation to the fact the price of the KBC FFR has dropped so rapidly since my insurance company paid to replace mine.

Today, I re-read the review on (LINK) and given the current favorable currency exchange rates; I decided to buy a silver version of the Caberg TRIP flip-front helmet as my Christmas present to myself.

In Europe, it's called the Rhyno, in GB where I bought it from it's the TRIP

The sun shade moved up and down as needed

All Photos from Seller or Manufacturer's websites

I hope it fits me well, I used the measurement guides on the seller's site and came up with a size L. They've a return policy if it does not fit of course but still, I'd be out the shipping which was $35. The helmet is not available here, and is not DOT certified yet. However, it meets the more stringent ECE requirements so it'll be fine. Colorado, where I live, does not even require a helmet for riders so I doubt a police officer with be checking my helmet for a DOT sticker! It scored 5 out of 5 in the SHARP tests vice my KBC's score of 1 out of 5!

It's got a different securing mechanism for a chin strap but I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's lighter, comes with a built-in sun shade which will be really nice and got a nice review from who has a great reputation when it comes to gear reviews. I would have preferred white but the silver color will do fine I am sure.

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Allen Madding said...

Now I am seriously impressed with this helmet. The built in sunshade really gets my attention as I have wondered for years why they were available in aviation helmets but not in motorcycle helmets.