Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day Filler: Women on Vintage Motorycles

We had a high of 9 Degrees F° today and although it was very sunny, very little melting occurred in my neighborhood so I was unable to ride the motorcycle again. Thought about it though, worked hard with the shovel to create drainage paths and cleared as much snow as I could before I hit ice.

Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 28 degrees, I am hoping it will be as sunny as today because that'll mean I can possibly get out by Wednesday! I might have been able to get out to day, had I been willing to risk Brigitta on the snow, using my feet as outriggers. It was close but common sense prevailed, for now.

In the meantime, I offer you these pictures I googled of women on vintage motorcycles. I was reading this thread on about readers posting pictures of women on old motorcycles so I found some others to add to the ones I borrowed from the thread.

Since I am Beemer-biased, I'll start off with this model on a R100s, yeah she was probably not a "rider" but technically, she's ON the motorcycle.

I am not, however, so beemer-biased I am willing to exclude other marques, here's an eye-catching fairing on a BSA.

Ok, back to Beemers, and apparently a custom-fitted leather outfit

Not much in the way of ATGATT but she does look speedy

This one just shouts "too cool for school" doesn't she?


Doug C said...

Charlie - You may have already stumbled upon a blog site by Jacqui Van Ham ( detailing her months traveling in Europe on a vintage BMW bike.

An enjoyable read and on my dream list of things to do someday.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

Thank you for posting these. I like all the old Beemer shots, but the custom fairing on the BSA is the absolute best. The last picture, "Too Cool For School," is of a girl I once asked to dance. She smiled, leane over, and spit in my shirt pocket.

She knew the meaning of a gesture.

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

Allen Madding said...

You tricked me, I thought there were gonna be motorcycles, not bmw's :) (ducks flying shoes)

Charlie6 said...

Doug, ya know, I thought one of the women looked familiar, thanks for the nudge. I'll annotate her pic with her website.

Jack, you have such a "way with words" and apparently, the "too cool for school" girl knew the kind of man she was dealing with as well. :)

the vintage advantage said...

Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my website, am dreaming up my next adventures....and what's with the Beemer trash-talkin'?!? tsk.tsk.

Cheers, and Ride Safe!
jacqui van ham