Sunday, December 14, 2008

OK, now it's "really" cold.

Temperatures in the low single digits today, with the sun making an appearance only occasionally. Bitter cold.

Less than two inches of snow overnight, I did my usual snow-throwing/shoveling operations to clear most of the snow from projected escape paths in the neighborhood but I've doubts I'll be able to ride for a couple of days at least. The weather forecasters are calling for record lows tonight: -13F°! That's cold for here! (note: 15FEB: we apparently broke the record, it got down to -15 last night, and we woke to -18, dammit).

As you can see above, a pretty bad week weather-wise for riding! Sigh.

Even with below freezing temperatures, if the sun comes out strong, we might stand a chance by the weekend for clear roads. I may have to traverse my way out of the neighborhood using my feet as outriggers on Brigitta but if the main roads are might be worth it.

For tonight though, there's a space heater in the garage to keep things from freezing hopefully. The water lines to the sink I have in the garage were frozen so I disconnected the hoses from the house. Glad I switched to 10w40 for the motorcycles!


Martha said...

No, the girls cannot sleep in our room with us! I don't care how cold it is! They are German, they can handle this kind of weather!


Richard Machida said...

That's colder than here in Fairbanks, AK! It's only -8°F here.

fasthair said...

Mr. R: I rode Saturday in great 50f temps here in Des Moines. Like you stated with in 24 hours the temps was down to 2f Sunday evening. Today is no better. Brrrrr