Friday, July 04, 2008

Still waiting on Maria

I blame myself really, as I mentioned in a previous posting, I should have told them to get Maria put together and rideable as soon as I was told that the only part they were missing only her right side main fairing.

I had hoped for her to be fixed yesterday, no go. I called today and was told perhaps, but just received a call saying: no go. Damn.

Now, I get to wait till around 10am tomorrow and call to see if they've completed putting her back together. Don't really and can't really rush them in their tasks so I get to wait.

I made some changes in the garage in preparation of Maria coming home from the shop, the traffic flow is better I think with my wife's minivan where it is now. We'll see how it works in the long run.

I hope Brigitta does not get too much more of a chance to luxuriate in the space she's had since coming home with me.

7JUL08: Bad news, Maria displayed an ABS fault light on her test ride. The mastertech believes it just low brake fluid level in her ABS modulator unit. The stuff probably leaked out when she was laying on her right side, dammit.

They were going to let me take her home anyways, annotating of course about the fault light since the brakes worked fine during the test ride. I was, however, able to contain my dissapointment and impatience (very usual by the way) and told the service manager to hold on to her, get her gas tank off to access the ABS module and get it done right. Now it's Tuesday of this coming week before I'll get another chance to take her home. The dealer is closed on Sunday and Mondays. I should have told them to get her put back together earlier dammit, my fault.

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