Monday, July 28, 2008

The S Fairing Project Begins

I'd been toying with the idea of adding an S Fairing or Bikini Fairing to Brigitta to give it the S model look of the late seventies R90S and R100S motorcycles which I really like.

I'd found a gentleman on the BMWMOA discussion forums who mentioned in a different posting that he had one that was the Daytona Orange color version and was not using it. So I emailed him and $63 later (including shipping), I now am the owner.

I plan to have it painted black to match Brigitta's black paint scheme. But I couldn't resist having it held in place by my younger son Miles when I first got it out of the box:

Here's some more detailed pics of the fairing itself. The mounting hardware should be ordered this week through the dealer hopefully, this will include a windshield as you may have noticed this fairing is missing one.

Apparently the mounting point above was "repaired" two owners ago, very sloppily with what feels like epoxy. Feels secure though so not sure I'll mess with it except for painting it flat black along with rest of the underside.

Above is what the upper mounting point should really look like

Note the holes in the lower arms, that's where the turn signal stems go through

Here's a picture of an airhead with the full Daytona Orange color scheme, pretty but I won't be painting Brigitta to match the fairing!

Here's some pics of other Airheads that are similar to mine with the S Fairing installed, it should give you an idea of how I want Brigitta to end up looking. I don't think I'll add the pin stripes but otherwise, it'll be pretty close.

Got a pretty long way to go to get my S fairing looking as good as the motorcycle above, but today I started.


Conchscooter said...

I really like the bikini fairing look and I was tempted to get one for my Bonneville but...practicality won out and I went with the boring old screen. You're making me regret it!

Fl├╝ge New York said...

The daytona orange looks awesome, too. You would´ve had a great eye-catcher. Hard to decide which colour i´d choose. I really love your bikes!