Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hoping to bring Maria home tomorrow

Not sure why I did not think of this before today, it should have been the first thing out of my mouth when the BMW of Denver's service manager told me they had all the parts needed for Maria except for the right side main fairing which was on backorder.

I got a call from Progressive Insurance "updating" me with this information again today and I asked the agent if I could just ride Maria without the fairings while I waited for the backordered fairing to arrive. The agent said he was fine with it, up to the dealer really.

I hung up with Progressive and called up the dealer. Took me a while to get through to them since they were really busy today. Ended up going through the General Manager who got the word to the service manager about me taking Maria home sans fairings.

I am happy to report they both agreed and they'll start putting Maria back together tomorrow, there's a good chance I'll be getting a call from them saying to come pick her up. Just in time for the long weekend! Here's pictures of when I had Maria without fairings on a test ride after her 54k Miles Services:

Not too bad looking, am sure it'll catch people's eye, specially other RT riders!

I sure hope I can bring her home tomorrow. She's a much better long distance tourer, I bet, even without her fairings than the R80. Wish me luck.

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