Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Completing Brigitta's 64K Minor Service


To go with the valve lash check and carburetor sync I did on Saturday, today after work I chanced out Brigitta's oil and oil filter, also changed out her transmission, final drive and drive shaft oils.

She's not much different in terms of fluid changes than Maria, though her having a separate drains for the drive shaft AND the final drive fooled me for a bit and I wasted some of the hypoid gear oil trying to pour it into an already full driveshaft housing. Doh!

The oil filter is different from Maria in that you withdraw it sideways instead of the usual from the bottom of the motorcycle. It's also "hinged", in that its two small canister shaped filters hinged together with some plastic. You fold it together into one cylinder and insert. A bit weird but it was not difficult. The kit I bought from the dealer included the gasket, O-ring and inner metal ring that seal things up once you replace the cover.

The only slightly worrisome thing I found while doing the fluid changes was the metallic residue clinging to the magnetic-tipped drain plug for the transmission housing. It looked like when you play with magnets around irons filings. There were lots of them but when I rubbed some off in my hand, there were as fine as talcum powder so am hoping that's OK:

Definitely the above is something to monitor closely during every fluid change. Not much else to report, its just basic services that hopefully ensure she's good to go for many, many more thousands of miles.

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