Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oktoberfest at Pete's

Pete Homan, an indie BMW motorcycle mechanic whom I go to for work I can't do myself, was hosting an Oktoberfest gathering at his home/shop on the west side of Denver. I spent a couple of hours there admiring the motorcycles he's got on display (all race ready it seems) and the motorcycles belonging to customers that he's working on or customers like me who showed up for the gathering.

Oktoberfest Oompah music was being played, Pete and a couple of others were in German costume, to include lederhosen! Beer and Brats were available and there was to be a drawing for a K1200LT Motorcycle for which I signed up. I left before the drawing though so hopefully I'll get notified by Pete if I win! : )

Pete's specializes in wrenching on BMW Motorcycles (but does work on other marques as well I believe) with an inclination towards the vintage models it seems as they're plenty onsite and most of the people who showed up were on vintage motorcycles. Plenty of modern ones as well like mine but the preponderance was the older models. Pete has raced motorcycles in the past and his trophy case was filled with impressive marks of achievement. He now only races in the vintage categories apparently.

Here's a link to Pete's website: LINK check it out if you've a Beemer that needs certified/expert wrenching.

Part of Vintage Row

Row of motorcycles in front of Pete's House

Pete's Racing motorcycle, on display in his living room

An R75/5 Beemer in front of Pete's shop, which is in back of his house

An old Airhead Engine, an R80/7 close up

Amusing sticker on Pete's off-roading motorcycle, which is shown below

Swedish Fairing on a Vintage Beemer, kinda cool eh?

Maria and an older cousin (an RS) posing in front of Pete's

I went home via Evans Avenue to the I-25 Slab southbound until I got to County Line Road which I took home, meadering as I went since the day was so nice for riding. Kept "missing" the turn for my neighborhood and wandered about a bit but finally went home.

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