Sunday, October 07, 2007

Maria gets new brake pads and alternator belt

Maria is closing in on 42k miles and I decided today to start work on her maintenance items which are either coming due or a bit delayed. This way, I am not trying to cram it all in on one day of maintenance when she does get to 42k miles.

The alternator belt replacement came first, having had some practice at it, it was an easy job specially when one has the right part to start with! The old belt is still looking pretty good so I am going to carry it as a spare. It's good that I decided to do it in the comfort of my garage with all my tools at hand since the pry bar I had fabricated to lever the alternator back into place to secure it failed miserably to do the job. I had to resort to the largest flat tip screwdriver I've got instead. Oh well.

Then came the replacement of the brake pads for both the front and rear wheel. The job is very easy to do on my motorcycle, just removed the mounting bolts, take the calipers off the rotor and then take the safety pin out by hand, remove the securing pin that holds the old pads in place, remove them and with your fingers push in the pistons so they're flush. Pop in the new ones, reverse your steps and you're done. The rear pads were just a bit different in that you have to tap out the securing pin that holds the pads in place but no big deal otherwise.

Not sure why but on the rear calipers, the rearmost mounting bolt had a washer whereas the frontmost mounting bolt did not. I'll have to check with someone I guess on why the difference.

I put everything back together, no extra parts!

I put away my tools, and took her for a short ride around the parking lot to test out the brakes. They work just fine! There was still some wear on the old pads but now I know when they were replaced. I wonder if the PO ever had them replaced or is this the first time? I must ask him.

Major stuff left for when she goes over 42k: Oil Change, Valve Clearance Check, a Throttle Body Sync along with upping the idle to 1100(maybe). Then, removing the gas tank to swap out the fuel filter and bleed the ABS module control circuits and front and rear wheel brake circuits. I'll probably replace the transmission and final drive oils as well.

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