Monday, October 08, 2007

A "Doable" Long Distance Riding Patch

Today I found another outfit that offers certification/patches/stickers etc in similar venue as the Iron Butt Rally (IBR) people. Although I'd thought about it, I've never more than spent a few minutes looking into the logistics of trying to qualify for the entry-level IBR certification of 1000 Miles in 24 hours. Reality would usually set in at this point and I'd move on to something else.

I'd also read/heard that it can take up to 3 months, sometimes longer for one's stuff to come back from the IBR folks once they finish reviewing your application and ride documents.

So along comes this "competing" outfit for one's long distance certification dollars. They're called Long Distance Riders or LDR. Here's a link to their site: LINK

They've some pretty cool looking patches for their certification program which consists of four ride levels as of now. I am thinking their entry-level certification: 500 miles in 12 hours is something I've already done before on some of my longer day rides. I might try and go for it when and if I ever get off my butt about riding out to MOAB one weekend. It's actually only 381 miles to Moab, UT from home in under six hours so I'd have another six to work in the remaining 119 miles.

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