Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow of the Season

Right on schedule, the first snow of the season, always appearing it seems on the week of my birthday. No riding today.....

Update: 1600hrs.

I was wrong! This is the kind of snow storm I signed up for when I moved to Colorado. 2-3 inches of wet snow in the early morning, tapering off by noon and mostly melted off the roads by 3-4PM! It was the wet snow too, I guess because it was melting fast, but my snow blower clogged constantly....finally resorted to snow shovels. My sons and I cleared a path out for the motorcycle but I probably could have waited and not done as much shoveling either. It got into the high 40s this afternoon and I was able to go out for a short 45 minute ride that include a trip to the grocery store for bread.

Maria at the Safeway's parking lot

Much better looking culdesac than this morning!

The roads were mostly dry, with stretches where it was wet from all the melting snow along the sides of the roads. Tomorrow's commute should be quite doable once the sun is out and I am sure no ice remains from what I am sure will be freezing temperatures tonight.

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The Wife said...

How cliche: head out for bread!
Your wife needs to plan better, don't ya think?