Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Ultimate in Mobile Homes

Temps in the mid-70s with cloudy gray skies, around 1900hrs in the evening.

I went for a short ride after dinner after having spent the day doing chores, playing with the kids and just loafing around the house. I stopped by the Radio Shack for some adapters and cables for my GPS which is also an FRS/GMRS radio. I am playing with the idea of having it available to talk to fellow riders on long rides. Like the one to West Bend, WI next month to attend the BMWMOA International Rally. I've got two guys emailing me already, it'll be good to have some company on the 1100+ miles to the Rally.

While tooling around, I see this house on a moving trailer. Caught my eye as it did every other motorist who cruised by. I returned to it after my errand and as you can see, truly the latest work in mobile homes, kind of.

So either today's housing is really light and airy or that is one strong tractor-trailer combination!

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