Saturday, June 30, 2007

The JCWhitney Top Case is going back and I get a bike cover.

Original post re the case is here.

Well, although I had been quite happy with the top case overall, the lock failed this week. I accidentally put my motorcycle's ignition key in the lock and found I could actuate the lock with the key stuck in halfway and unlock the case! Later I tried it with a flat tip screwdriver, same results with just a tiny effort.

Tried a couple of times to replace the failed lock mechanism with cam locks from Lowes Hardware but was totally unsuccessful. So, I called J.C. Whitney and they're arranging for Fedex to pick it up from me on 3JUL at no cost to me. I'll get a refund once they get it back and the search for a top case will restart perhaps.

Maybe, I don't really need one and it was just the upcoming long distance trip to Wisconsin that has spurred the buying of the case and some other stuff recently. Then again, who amongst us motorcyclists needs much of an excuse to buy more stuff for our motorcycles.

Case in point, I received today a motorcycle cover I got from Ebay for $35, shipped. I think I got a good deal, it covers Maria up completely with room to spare, has a securing strap to keep in on in windy conditions and even holes to access the wheels to put on my motorcycle lock. Kind of looks like Shamu the killer whale don't it? : )

I hope to be able to pack it onboard Maria for the trip, to place on her while overnighting at motels and such. Out of sight, out of mind....and potential thieves or just nosy folks will leave her alone when I am not around.

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