Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reconning a Route

Temps in the mid to upper 80s. Sunny with gradual overcast and afternoon thunderstorms in the distance.

I went for a ride to recon or reconnoiter a route consisting of county roads I'd proposed to the couple of guys who are planning on going with me to the BMWMOA International Rally next month. I wanted to make sure the roads were paved all the way to the I-76 Slab. Some of the county roads I've wandered on East of Denver suddenly become packed dirt/gravel roads and I did not want that for the upcoming trip!

It was hot on the outbound leg of the trip. I was drinking from my camelback drink container steadily and was glad I had put ice cubes in with the cold water. It really helps cool down your core. The mesh jacket did ok, and I did not get too hot for the most part. It was a small prelude I think to the hot weather we'll have to endure on the ride to Wisconsin during the month of July!

There was also a stiff northerly wind blowing during the entire ride. I found that when you're riding with the wind, you get hotter. When you're going against the wind, it feels cooler but it's noisier due to wind noise. When it hits you broadside, well, you go into the "dancing with the wind" mode and enjoy.

Got to Roggen and the I-76 onramp on schedule and the distance matched what Microsoft Streets and Trips had reported. Roads were pretty much empty on a Saturday afternoon and I even had an occasion to use the new horns to get the attention of this cager who was starting to cut the corner to close to me as he made a left at a stop sign where I was stopped. Nice and loud.

The inbound leg of the ride saw the skies becoming overcast and the temp dropped almost ten degrees according to the thermometer on my motorcycle. I'd been watching some thunderstorms approaching from the West as I rode, I did not get rained on before I got home but managed to get a couple of pics of the clouds from the town of Watkins, CO.

Got home with no incident and no rain, first time I'd ever drained the camelback on a ride though, like I said, it was hot!

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