Friday, June 29, 2007

The GPS software is finally licensed.

Finally got the issue resolved re the licensing code for the GPS software from Navicore for my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.

Ran into one connectivity issue along the way, it apparently uses TCP Port 9000 so I could not connect to the Navicore server from my work PC. Had to do it via my phone's internet connection, after that all was well. Geek talk aside, this means that you may have issues registering your own unit if behind a firewall. Keep that in mind.

I took the unit out for a spin and the standard daylight display was quite usable. Not very bright but usable with the display settings on maximum of course. The GPS receiver connected via Bluetooth just fine, took it over five minutes to get a GPS fix the first time though. The second time seemed faster. Will have to time it better next time as well. I checked out the night display and truly its for night use only, totally not usable in daylight. I tried the bright sunlight display for a bit and definitely more high contrast but then I could not see my positional arrow. More testing to be done.

I searched for the address of the locksmith I was running the errand to and off I went. I kept expecting to hear the voice prompts telling me where to turn and such. Nothing. I did see the road (I was in 3D) move as I did, an arrow showing myself but no route directions or arrows pointing the next turn like regular GPS's I'd seen.

So, I get to the locksmith (I knew where I was going), do the errand then go back to the motorcycle to explore the GUI a bit more. Turns out I have to "Find Route", then I am asked again for the destination address, (I had originally selected the "Find Address option), it already lists your present location as the start point of course. So I put my workplace address in, and first thing it told me was "please move closer to a road on a map". I guess it can't do much till one is back on something it knows about vice a parking lot. : )

I got back on the road and it started giving me voice prompts and turn guides on the upper right of the screen. The route it had picked out was highlighted on the display in green and easy to see (remainder of the roads were in yellow). However it did not pick the optimal route, perhaps based on the preferences it comes with, will have to look into that. I took the route I knew was best and it would "adjust" or re-route accordingly within a few seconds at most.

I am sure this is configurable, but the voice prompts to turn were sometimes not very timely if I had not already known I was turning. However, it was very nice to be able to hear the prompts. The female voice, Sarah, was very clear over the noise of the motorcycle.

More testing is involved and more delving into the software's capabilities remain to be done but its working!

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