Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Two Ride Day today

Temps in the mid 20s to low 30s and sunny.

Though it snowed on us briefly yesterday evening, it did not stick and it was if it had not snowed when I looked out the window this morning. I geared up and headed to the weekly breakfast meeting with the Colorado Beemers Motorcycle Club in Morrison. I elected to take E-470 to C-470 since I did not leave the house till a bit after 0800 and the gathering starts at 0830.

The roads looked icy on the expressway but they were just wet apparently. It did make me a bit nervous and I followed the wheel tracks of the cars in front of me carefully. I also did not go faster than the speed limit and sometimes even slower at the wetter sections of road. Things got messier and wetter the closer I got to the foothills and the road into Morrison was definitely wet. I will admit I was questioning my sanity at times while on the road, even thought about aborting a couple of times.

But I made it to the Red Rocks Grill Restaurant with no problems, there were two bikes there ahead of me so I was not the only fool out on the road that early. The club's Ride Captain, Ziggy, had ridden down from Evergreen on his Beemer with a Sidecar and he reported large stretches of icy road on the way down. Now he's a hardcore biker! In hindsight, I think next time I wait a couple of hours before heading out again the day after a snow storm.

Had breakfast consisting of French Toast and Bacon, some conversation with Gary and Terry who are regulars at these events. Afterwards, all three of us headed towards the BMW of Denver dealership. Gary was leading and he took us through a rather involved route that had us going through parts of downtown I think. We even went past the Cherry Creek Mall as we headed East. Gary left us to go home once we got on Leetsdale Rd just before it turns into Parker Road.

Terry and I continued on for a short bit and arrived at the dealership where we perused their wares and shot the breeze with Matt from the parts department. Matt showed me a couple of mirrors that would fit on Maria. I was tempted since the stock mirrors are lacking sometimes in terms of visibility towards the rear. However, I must wait a bit I think.

Terry then headed out and I went home for lunch. The roads had dried out completely by now, at least on the East side of town where we were. The ride home was less nerve wracking. : )

My second ride started around 1528hrs, there was nothing going at the house, and the road called to me. I headed out to the plains on Quincy Road, past the Reservoir, and found they'd paved the road further East. It was paved all the way to Highway 137 which I followed south until the turnoff for Kiowa. I turned around and retraced my steps instead. I took the following pics on the way back.

As you can see, the snow is melting everywhere.


Silverwinger said...

Nice to see some one out riding, it will be a month or so before us Albertans will see enough warm weather and snow melting to hit the streets.

Charlie6 said...

thanks for visiting and the comment, hopefully it'll be warmer for you guys sooner than you think.