Friday, February 09, 2007

And the melting continues....

Temps in the 40s during the day and mostly sunny last three days.

I've been able to commute to work on Maria every day this week, using the sidewalk method and doing some light ice scraping to remove ice that had formed overnight from the snow melting each previous day. Little by little I've watched the mounds of snow shrink each day, the ruts in the streets leading out of my part of the neighborhood becoming wider and wider.

Well, yesterday when I came home I had a 99% clear path, narrow at points but clear, all the way from the entrance to the neighborhood to my culdesac. I only had to traverse a small patch of packed ice within the culdesac and I was in my garage! Quite nice actually, it marked a milestone in the process of getting over the big blizzard of 06! A little more shovel work removed all ice in the path I took inwards and I should be able to use the same route out tomorrow!

So now I have two ways out of the neighborhood once the roads become wet and not icy by mid-morning. My work schedule has been flexible enough to allow me to work from home till about 10 at which point I can safely ride out to the Denver Tech Center, dealing only with wet patches of road instead of ice.

Here's a google maps satellite view of the neighborhood, red marks the sidewalk path I've cleared and been using, now I can use a narrow swath of actual street as well.

I wish the streets were really this clear!

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