Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remarkable melting in spite of a high of only at 29 degrees.

Sunny with temps low to a high of 29 degrees officially. The thermometer on the bike registered stuff from low 30s to a high around 38. Wish I could get an accurate thermometer....oh well. Guess I'll continue subtracting 10 from whatever it reads.

Worked from home since I woke to snow covered roads in the neighborhood. It was only an inch of snow or so and it was the fluffy dry snow since the temps had been in the teens or lower overnight. Clearing the sidewalk took no time with the snow shovel, even did the driveway in time to take the boys to school in the minivan.

Around 1030 or so, took a break to clear the melting ice formed at the entrance to the subdivision as usual. The sun was out in force and the work was not very tough or take very long. Made sure to dig a way for the water to reach the sewer drains so hopefully there won't be much ice in the morning!

Worked some more through the lunch hour and finally around 1320 or so, decided to break out for a little ride. By this time, the sun had melted most of the snow off the roads, even the neighborhood side roads which had been my bane last month. It was a short ride, less than 30 minutes but it was glorious. Got out of the neighborhood with no problems and just rode a circuit down to Arapahoe Crossing Mall and back home. Roads were pretty much dry and the only ice I saw was either the stuff on the side of the roads or stuff that had come off a vehicle. No problem.

Got home by 1400, worked till 1600 and took off for another short ride. It was perhaps 45 minutes worth of riding this time and again conditions were great. Temps read in the high 30s on my bike's thermometer, and it did not feel cold, though officially it was in the high 20s. Rode to the northern outskirts of Parker via Inspiration Drive, then took Parker Rd North back to Arapahoe road, continued on Parker, turning onto Orchard and eventually home. Another satisfying, if short, ride. Did not have to turn on the electric vest though I did have it one, I will confess to having the heated grips turned on but they too felt a bit warm towards the end of the ride so I turned them off before I got near home.

No pics, both times I rushed out of the house to take advantage of the sunny conditions. The planning forecast from the local weather guys is this:

I'm looking forward to riding into work tomorrow after the morning rush and after whatever ice has formed overnight melts!

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